Stony Brook Clubs

<p>hey can anyone tell me who ever had experience with the Stony Brook Marching band- how tough is it to get in. Is it tough to manage with other school work during the year. Also what are some good clubs to join if ur into math and science, culture because im indian. Also some of the sports clubs.</p>

<p>Cultural clubs: SASA (south asian student alliance)</p>

<p>You can also join clubs related to your field of study if available. Athletic clubs and intramural sports are also widely available. </p>

<p>Other: CERT (SB</a> C-CERT), SBVAC etc.</p>

<p>Check them out on FB. They're extremely active, and extremely welcoming. It's probably tougher to crack some sections than others, but I'd say you should give them a call.</p>

<p>Spirit</a> of Stony Brook</p>


<p>Join Rugby its tons of fun and not that much commitment we have practice 2 to 3 days a week a meeting every wensday during campus life and games r usually sunday sometimes saturday we have a Div. 1 squad and this year just formed a Div. 3 squad so we have to teams lots of playing time</p>

<p>thats cool but the thing is i dont know how to play</p>