Stony Brook EOP Decission

I applied to Stony Brook University under the EOP program around early November, I was notified that I was academically eligible in late December, and I sent my financial documents shortly after. I’ve been checking my SOLAR page twice a day everyday since January and still nothing! My status is stuck on pending. I just wanted to know if SBU is still admitting under EOP? I understand that April 1st is the deadline, but I’m beyond anxious about this decission. I pray that I get accepted and I hope everyone else hears back soon!

Hey please, don’t worry there’s still hope! My friend applied to EOP as well and she just got accepted on Monday (March 13, 2017). I’m still waiting on mine and we both sent it around the same time (maybe a little earlier). I heard they’ll be sending out acceptances this week and next week. In the end the final day is April 1st. Good luck!

I checked my portal, and it now says, “Thank you for choosing Stony Brook University. We look forward to you joining the University community.” I also received an emailing telling me to sign up for Admitted Students Day. I’m assuming that I got in, but I still haven’t received the official acceptance email.