Stony Brook Opinion

<p>I was recently accepted to Stony Brook and i am considering attending their, i was just wondering what the dorms were like since i would be living on campus, also i wanna know about classes, social life, things to do in the area, how long it takes to get to the city, etc. i just want opinions on anything thank you :)</p>

<p>I can’t give you any info about life on the campus (I am a father of a HS Junior), but I can tell you about the surrounding area. I am VERY familiar with the area and am glad to answer any questions.</p>

<p>Stony Brook is a suburban community of metroNY. Believe it or not, there is a significant population commuting to NYC everyday. That would just be too darn far for me to do everyday… G-d bless them.</p>

<p>There is ample shopping and activities in the local area. There are all the things you would expect in any similar suburban setting. There is a large Mall nearby, and well as countless strip malls and a few small town “downtowns” to hang out in… with Port Jefferson probably being the closest small town “downtown” destination.</p>

<p>NYC is just over an hour away by car. In the opposite direction, and just about as far, are the Hamptons. Montauk, the last town on Long Island’s South Fork, seems to be the place where the college kids go.</p>

<p>Of course, you also have East Hampton and Amagansett… if you have a more upscale style and want to rub shoulders with the rich and famous. I’ve bumped into quite a few myself. :wink: It’s an odd sensation. You see them and your brain signals “Friend!” and your body reacts accordingly, making eye contact and smiling in recognition …but, in fact, you really don’t know them and they don’t know you. I never get used to it. I did this to Alan Alda in the East Hampton Movie Theater bathroom. I even said “Hey!” as if I were greeting someone from my life. I apologized and said it was an instinctive reaction. He was very nice and said it happens to him too!</p>

<p>You will need a car to get around. You could probably manage with the Long Island Railroad, but it will be painful.</p>

<p>about Dorms? </p>

<p>Back in Fall of 2007 when I came in, the dorming situation for first-year student was at its lowest. Overcrowding forced new students to live with two other roomates on a double room. Today, though that is no longer the case except for 5-10% of first-year students who then get de-tripled as the year goes through. The quality of housing has improved a lot. I live in H-Quad and the bathrooms, carpets, and rooms were all renovated. </p>

<p>Also, a new Residential Complex was built on Roosevelt/Kelly Quads which is a great addition to the campus. This complex is awesome, and I wish I had a chance to live there. I’ll say the overall quality is great, the rooms are well maintained. Putting work-orders to get something fixed can be a pain and may take a long time. </p>

<p>In comparison to the housing I’ve seen in other state Universities (i.e Uconn, UAlbany) I can say its just as good and in some cases better. I have a preference for Corridor Style housing (H-Quad, Mendelhson Quad), if you are looking for Suite style then Lauterbur complex, Kelly, Tabler are offer that.</p>

<p>Getting to the city?</p>

<p>Hop on the LIRR for ~$11.75 and make it to the Pennsylvania Station in ~1 hours 50 mins…The drive by car is an hour long</p>

<p>About classes?</p>

<p>Most introductory classes are most likely to be on mid-to-large lecture halls so Javits Lecture Center, Earth Space Science 001, and Engineering lecture halls are likely locations. As you take more upper-level courses the class size is reduced significantly. </p>

<p>Social life?</p>

<p>Stony Brook has events sponsored by our USG that go on throughout the semester. There is also off-campus parties that go on in the clubs sorrounding the area. The Bench Bar also have party nights every thursday. I usually go to the Bench, its right next to campus. </p>

<p>We have our Division IAA football, and Basketball which are playing very well the past couple of years and have been getting National attention. Our football team is great, so I go to just about every game and its a great way to have fun, meet new friends, and cheer for the Seawolves. </p>

<p>A lot of students struggle with Social life at SBU and get discouraged early on. I think the school has to do a better job promoting the events across campus. There is always something going on, but you have to go out there and find it.</p>

<p>Also, since this is Long Island, we have malls, movie theaters close by if that suits you. Good luck</p>

<p>thanks everyone for your opinions, it has really helped me out :)</p>