Stony Brook Univeristy (SUNY) v Macaulay Honors at Hunter

I having a really difficult time deciding between Stony Brook University and Macaulay Honors at Hunter college. On one end, the financial aid deal at MH is unbeatable but I don’t like being in the city and I don’t like how small of a school it is. I do want the “typical” college experience, so I’m worried about not getting that at macaulay. Money is kind of something to keep on the radar but, I plan on being a pre med/ human bio major which is why i was leaning towards stony brook. I absolutely loved the vibe/ feeling at Stony Brook, and so did my parents, but not so much at Macaulay. Can someone shed some light?

We’re having the same discussion in my family! It’s a very tough (but terrific!) choice to have. My son was admitted to Macaulay (City College). Since Macaulay students do also belong to their “home” campus I don’t know if I’d consider Macaulay “small” since you’ll also be part of Hunter, which is a large university. But yes it’s a city experience and not likely a “typical” one. One thing we were discussing earlier today was that he could probably transfer out of Macaulay pretty easily … but not transfer in to it if he goes elsewhere and changes his mind. Good luck and keep us posted!

Would you live on campus or commute at either one?
Did you get into Honors at Stony Brook (or could you get into Honors there)?

I would live on campus, most likely. No, i didn’t get into any honors colleges at stony brook

I appreciate that! I hope that you guys come to a good decision!! I’m having such a hard time since I have lived in the city my whole life and wouldn’t mind a change of pace. :slight_smile:
I’ll keep you posted!!

What choice did you finally do?)