** Stony Brook University Class of 2024 Decisions **

Ok. I’ll start since application was just sent in…
October 27 applied for computer science
NY Resident

Anybody know when the earliest we can expect to hear from admissions? Did you get SBU ID yet and have you been able to log into SBU Portal? From previous year threads someone posted that they got their acceptance on December 10th.


My son applied the same day for CS as well, waiting…

Application Submitted 9/28 but awaiting the transcript being sent by HS. Daughter loved the school but hates that SB has no EA route so now we wait to hear back. There is an email where they send you your stony brook ID and link so you can set up your password. We have our portal set up and are awaiting my daughter’s high school follow up with the Transcript so the app will be complete.

Good luck everyone.


Students from SUNY Albany have been getting acceptances today…so hopefully we should be hearing from Stony Brook soon as well

D was accepted at Buffalo yesterday. Waiting to hear from Stony Brook and Bing. I thought Stony Brook didn’t send out decisions for several months since they don’t have EA.

Even though SBU admissions officially state that decisions don’t go out until January, in previous years decisions came out as early as December 10…

I applied for the EOP program and now I’m just waiting to get the financial documents part of the application done. So nervous

In previous years people saw a change on SOLAR. My son didn’t receive an ID# when he applied, just an ID and pin for the SBU Application portal. Should he have received something to log into SOLAR?

I couldn’t sign in with my original account, but I wanted to edit my above response. Last night my son got an email that his application had been received and was being reviewed and he got an ID number that he could use to sign into SOLAR.

Is there is a difference between the SBU application portal and SOLAR? We have logged into the SBU portal that shows the status of the application materials received but have not received any other logins.

Yesterday on the SBU Portal an ID popped up under his name and he received an email that his stuff is under review.

This is the info on SOLAR: https://it.stonybrook.edu/services/solar

SBU application pin login is different than SOLAR. SOLAR is for accepted students and you get a separate SOLAR ID# with tabs…

Did anyone hear back from them?

So if you get a SOLAR ID does that mean you are in? My son has one as of yesterday but nothing saying “Accepted” yet.

Unfortunately, being assigned a SOLAR ID doesn’t mean you are in…

Sorry, just looking for clarification. My son has a Stony Brook ID on his application portal. Is that the same as a SOLAR ID? When we try to sign into SOLAR with it and the temporary password, it says incorrect ].

Stony brook ID is the same as Solar ID but just because you can log into solar doesn’t mean you got accepted.

Got in just now. Does anyone know if the major on the portal is your Major MAJOR like you aren’t able to change it? I was going to change my major to Pre-Nursing instead of Mathematics and the admission counselor was like it’s okay, the courses are in the same college, so should I be worried and sending them a lot of emails or wait if I decide to attend?

If I were you I’d send the admission department an email, asking them if it’s possible. But if you do decide to ignore it and then decide to attend Stonybrook, many people change their majors and you could too even when you’re in college. I wouldn’t stress this. Also If you don’t mind me asking, when did you apply?