Stony Brook University Class of 2025 Discussion Thread

My D. applied and submitted her Common Application to Stony Brook on 11/14/20.

I’m creating this thread for discussion relating to Class of 2025 admission and related topics.

Good luck everyone !!!


DS applied today for Computer Science. Wondering if they started sending out acceptances yet.


From last year’s thread, the time frame SBU sent out acceptance info was around the third week of December.

Good luck !!!

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EA acceptance today 1460/3.7 mech engineering out of state. Super excited!

Congratulations. Was the major specified in the portal or did you receive an email?

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It was specified in the portal.

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Thank you. DD applied for engineering too. The portal says accepted to SBU , but does not mention major and the solar ID does not work. At this point we will just wait for the email or acceptance letter. The anxiety is killing me.

Same here. Our D applied on 11/14 and saw this paragraph in SBU Portal:

You’ve been admitted to Stony Brook University. Your letter of admission is available for download below. Please visit our Admitted Student Website for a list of the steps you need to take to enroll at Stony Brook University.

We couldnt find any files to download.

Good luck to all !!!

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Got the email same no attachment .When do you hear about the scholarships?


Last years thread showed scholarships post around late Jan / early Feb.

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There is no EA for stony brook university.

Portal updated. D got in CS. So relieved !!!

Oops, it wasn’t EA. So many schools and deadlines to keep track of! Even worse - twins!

Haha no problem! I completely feel you. But congratulations !!!

Do you mind share the stats and when you applied ?

Portal also updated with letter. She is still need to complete essays for honors and BS/MD.

Good luck to all !!!

1550/ 4.0 Rank 5/450 Applied 11/1 . Portal updated 11/27

Just thought I’d mention that today the letter was visible for download.

1490/4.0 Rank 3/182 Applied 10/7 . Portal updated 11/30
In State Computer Science. First decision acceptance super hyped!

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@jabbate19: congrats !!!