Stony Brook vs. Albany for Engineering

Hello. I know that the 2 schools are worlds apart, but Albany seems to be marginally better for Engineering (according to niche).
I like both schools. At Albany I’ll do ECE and at SB I’ll do Engineering Science (I like the idea of general engineering the first 2 years and specializing in the last 2 - I’ll specialize either in Electronics Eng or Eng Mgmt). Which program is better and leads to better jobs? Thank you.

Also, Albany isn’t ABET accredited, but they’re seeking it and I hope they will be accredited by the time I graduate. I don’t think I can go wrong with either school.

Based on the ABET accreditation, I would choose Stony Brook. Have you considered Buffalo?

In case Albany is accredited by the time I graduate, would it be better than SB?

In case Albany is accredited by the time I graduate (they say that it’ll be 2 years tops), would it be better than SB in your opinion? Both are about the same distance. Buffalo’s a bit far and too cold for me.

Does SBs proximity to NYC give an advantage when looking for tri-state engineering jobs? Like I said, I really like this 2 year general, 2 year specialization course in the SB ES program. It will let me explore a lot of different engineering fields.

Also, is SB grading that bad? On reddit, they said that Stony Brook is the by far the SUNY grade inflating and grade killing champ.