Stonybrook waitlisted

Any body waitlisted yet?

No. Waitlists don’t happen until the end of March.


Is it safe to say if you applied in November and still have not heard back that you are not accepted. Are RD acceptances still coming out bc I heard waitlists are starting in less than 8 days.
Hope Im wrong?

@runnaway my boyfriend got in two days ago with a scholarship, so I think RD is still going on. Good luck!

Thanks but the wait is killing me. Congrats to the BF. :slight_smile:

Stonybrook hopeful- may I ask what you’re major is? Trying to understand how they are releasing acceptances and rejections. We have heard nothing…

My son just found out last week that he got in and he applied in October. Computer Science major- out of state

Thru rd or eop?

Heard today (accepted) and applied in November

congrats, I am still waiting for computer science . I have 4.0 highschool gpa and 3.3 undergraduate gpa suny school. but because I am in-state I haven’t heard from them yet.

What are my chance to get in after waitlist ?

Can i write a letter of interest in the school and give any updated information of my community service and awards and improved grades to stony brook while I’m on waitlist to increase my chance?