stop payment

When do you put a stop payment? I lost a check book. I have no idea which checks I have used. I would hate to put a stop payment since I am quite sure not all check I wrote cleared. How would you handle this?

Maybe talk to your bank about how to handle it? I had a check book stolen when my car was burgled and the bank said we should close the account and open a new one. Any checks that came through on the old account they then checked with us before clearing (it’s a local credit union, not sure if a big nationwide bank would do that). An attempt was made to charge something to the account after we closed it - not by using a check but by using our account details to set up some sort of account). Different situation of course as yours is lost rather than stolen but we knew the check book was in the hands of thieves who had already tried to use our credit cards).

Call your bank. They can look up which checks have cleared and can put a watch on it for you in many cases

Closing account sounds better. I am reluctant to put a blanket stop payment. Some checks are written to social acquaintances. It seems rude to put a stop to it.

Open up a new account. Put all money in that account except for those checks that haven’t cleared. That will protect you from any potential big withdrawl attempts. When the last check clears (or a few weeks, whichever comes first) close the old account.