Stop with the ego boosts

<p>okay... i hate it when people with 1590/790/800/800 scores and good ec ask if they can make it into really have an ego problem.... anyone else agree?</p>

<p>Not completely, but I will say that there are some extremely bright and well rounded people on here. The people on here are, for the most part, the top of the playing field. There aren't many 1100's around here and the number of 1550's is amazing. </p>

<p>but, I feel inferior when I read people's stats on here.</p>

<p>No, I don't think most people here have that problem. Often a 1590 isn't perceived to be all that much better than a 1490. And the top schools reject a lot of high-scoring applicants. Probably, a good chunk of these 1590s will be rejected from their top choices. So they have just as much reason to be concerned/worried as anyone else.</p>

<p>Personally, I think many posters are looking to get their ego's stroked. They act as if they don't understand that they are in the top 0.5% of college applicants and have as good a shot as anyone to go anywhere.......please.....I don't buy it. I ignore these trolls. I further think they intimidate typical students....with real grades, ranks, and SATs....from asking important questions. IMO, these 1500+ stroke artists do a disservice to these boards.</p>

<p>Well, not everyone who posts their information tells the truth. There's some weird people out there :)</p>

<p>there are some people who are really confused though....
such as myself... near perfect SAT but terrible GPA and odd EC's.. i have no idea where i can get into...</p>

<p>also seeing those people with insane stats motivated me and showed me what my competition was really like. :)</p>

<p>I feel all they want is an ego boost. Some of us have actually STRUGGLED a little to get to where we are, personally insane stats depress me. I will never be a perfect student, hey, if I got a 1500 there's no way I would retake it like everyone on this board. People act if you have any blemish in your reccord you can only go to a cc. Some people it's easy to tell where they'll get accepted to, and it's annoying how they need complete strangers to validate them.</p>

<p>Celebrian, you say that some of you have actually struggled... how do you know that all these people with the 1500+ SATs haven't struggled too? You have no way of knowing, whatsoever. They could have stayed up for a week straight studying so that they could pull that off, and if they want an ego boost for doing that, hell, they deserve it. You don't know what the situation is on their end, so don't act like you do.</p>

<p>Look at the acceptance rates of top schools. Look at how many 1500+ scorers these schools reject every year. These people have every right to be concerned just the same as the 1300 scorers, the 1100s, the 900s etc.</p>

<p>Well when people out right say high school was easy, I can pretty much tell they didn't struggle</p>

<p>Well people should consider that their stats only get them in the door, you're essays matter probably more than anything, and that's something none of us can accurately judge w/o being admissions officers ourselves, people can easily recognize when their stats are good enough</p>

<p>Test scores do not measure intelligence, effort, or how good of a person someone is. Don't be depressed that you don't have high marks, they're not the last word on anything. I'm sure I'll get criticized for saying this, but I truly believe that a diploma from an ivy league and a diploma from a community college are only as good as the person who holds them. Effort and attitude count - take pleasure in the fact that you're NOT a person "stroking your ego" on an internet message board, but at the same time don't judge a person by their posts.</p>

<p>sorry I was in a bad mood, but I don't apologize for critcizing some people who are perfect (stat/essay wise) and think they won't get into a college</p>

<p>excellent post js911 <em>applause</em></p>

<p>People who get 1550+ scores are not somehow geniuses. No one should think that they dont work their butts off. People like that have generally worked so hard that the idea of it not paying off (ie not getting into an amazing college) can be terrifying. If they want to converse in this forum and get some feedback, why should anyone assume that they are not sincere?</p>

<p>Test scores are somewhat of a measure of intelligence, or colleges wouldn't require them. Don't give me any crap about "I am not a good test taker." Then don't go to college, do something that doesn't require intellectual work. Be a garbage man, it pays well, no thinking involved.</p>

<p>By the way, I hate all these perfect kids also who think that just because they didn't get their first choice ivy, life is over as they know it.</p>

<p>I agree joev. Particularly about that "I am not a good test taker" stuff. Unless you are one of a small fraction of the population who actually has ADD or something, that's just a flimsy excuse.</p>

<p>No one is suggesting that kids at the top of their class...1500+ SATs....yada, yada, can't ask important questions. The point is these <em>endless posts</em> you see from these kids asking "what are my chances?". There are countless books and resources available that answer these questions....the data is widely published and available. But what do these resources lack? That's right....they lack feedback... from other people! Sure, some of these people ask reasonable questions, but most are just looking for an ego boost. Don't you find it strange that you see 10 posts from kids like this for every post from a kid with 1150 SATs and a 30th-percentile class rank...despite the fact the later out-number the former 100-1? Apparently, the "less capable" student has no trouble using standard resources to answer these questions of admission probability, yet the High Achievers can't seem to figure it out. Come's a ego thing for most of these kids.</p>

<p>I think that even if you are statistically a great student, that you can be prone to self-doubt...especially if you keep hearing that the Ivies and AWS are always a crap-shoot. Looking at percentages, like scores and grades do not always give you a sense as to where you are in a college application pool. There are students who have taken a full IB program which, I've heard is more difficult than taking AP courses, while others have a handful of college classes under their belt by their junior year.</p>

<p>The ranking of schools (like USNews) makes individuals and parents more competative, as well as more prone to doubt. Just look at this board. Ivies are supposedly better than LACs in presitige, even though LACs have smaller classes, etc...why is that? Because the focus is on getting an acceptance letter that validates the hard work, rather than getting one where a student is a great fit.</p>

<p>Not a surprize, that kids with great scores and grades feel inadequate sometimes.</p>

<p>I see no reason to believe the High Achievers have more self doubt than the regular applicant pool. In fact, I would argue just the opposite now that many top state schools are turning away so many qualified applicants. There are many students filled with self-doubt....if you look at the numbers in the applicant pool, we should be over-run with posts by these "more average" students....but we aren't. The big difference is that these students will not get an ego-boost by posting.</p>

<p>I don't feel like people are lying. What is the point?? I don't have that great of test scores: 1190, 28 ACT. I am a hard worker=AP Scholar. Got good grades and taken lots of hard classes. I really don't think people lie on here. What is the point of asking your chances when you are in actuality lying? I think that there are some losers who do that, but for the most part, the CC people are probably telling the truth. I have seen some of the most intelligent posts, essays, knowledge about math/science, etc. that I think that these people are sincerely smart. </p>

<p>And I don't really care about my ego. I definetely don't base my self-confidence on the SAT. Maybe I am not some incredible genius, but I am book-smart and have a great personality=)</p>