Storage of instruments at school?

<p>The insurance thread got me thinking of how D will store her instruments at school to keep them safe? Does everyone store them in the school lockers, their dorms, use a room safe? </p>

<p>A violin mom told me that they brought a two drawer filing cabinet to store the violin in when her son had to leave the instrument in the dorm room. Is that practical?</p>

<p>My older son (not a music major) does use a locking filing cabinet in his dorm room to store his violin and other things. It does take up space but he uses it as a night stand next to his bed. My incoming music major son will use the music school locker for his bass and smaller intruments will probably be tossed around the room...his poor room mate.</p>

<p>DS locks his instruments up in his school instrument lockers. DD will most likely do the same.</p>

<p>My daughter's dorm room was so tiny that she had room for her violin (and her roommate's violin) but there was not an inch left over, so she kept her viola in an instrument locker. There was certainly no room for a filing cabinet. She just kept the violin in her room on the rare occasions (gym?) she was without it.</p>

<p>D3 keeps her viola either in the instrument locker or in her dorm room.
D2 does not have a music locker, so just keeps her instrument in the room.
Neither has encountered problems.</p>

<p>Son kept his viola and violin in his locker in the music building when he lived on campus. His electric viola stayed in his dorm room. The last year he was in a very secure off campus studio apartment, and the instruments were kept there. He would lock the viola in the music locker during the day.</p>

<p>Worth the read <a href=""&gt;;/a>. One cannot be too trusting.</p>