Storing graduation regalia

<p>How do I store all the graduation "regalia"? DD had 4 tassels, multiple cords and stole. I have seen frames for caps and tassels but i don't know what to do with the cords. Thanks</p>

<p>In our case, in a cardboard box in the basement.</p>

<p>Plastic, air-tight box in the attic marked "D's Graduation". Really, how much can you display!</p>

<p>You're lucky you got to keep them - we had to give the school back all the cords and stoles, kids kept the tassels, and we got the sweaty dirty cheap gowns to store. Anybody need two bright green gowns and one yellow one? :)</p>

<p>My nieces are getting the bright green cap and gown for their "dress up" box. :p</p>

<p>I could not even identify what fabric those gowns were made of. I have never seen an article of clothing before with a warning tag that stated "do not wash, do not dry clean".</p>

<p>Shadow box here. Of course, over a year has passed and I still haven't put it together. :o</p>

<p>D is saving hers to give to a friend who will graduate next year so she doesn't have to pay. I suppose if the cords are different, you can save those, but otherwise, I guess we are just not very sentimental.</p>

<p>Box in basement....2 sets caps/tassles from 1974, 2 sets caps/tassles from 1978, caps/tassles gowns from 2007, now caps/tassles, gowons from 2010. I guess we're not very sentimental other than carting our (H and I) stuff around for years and years</p>

<p>My son had to give the cords back. I think the cap and gown is currently being stored in the back of his car. I was thinking it would make a nice halloween costume. I guess we're not very sentimental either.</p>

<p>My daughter's HS cords are hanging in her room as a decoration. Her graduation gown (from a year ago) is neon gold and is hanging in her closet. I will probably see if the church or local community theatre can use it as a costume.</p>

<p>We also are happy to "pass on" the gown - S's was passed onto him and we would be glad to pass on. Just think of a friend who is a year younger and about the same height and offer it!</p>

I could not even identify what fabric those gowns were made of. I have never seen an article of clothing before with a warning tag that stated "do not wash, do not dry clean".


<p>Son's also says "do not iron." The mom next door saw wrinkles and ignored the tag. </p>

<p>Did you know a graduation gown is flammable? :eek:</p>

<p>The material sure looks flammable. I bet you could iron it through a damp ironing cloth though. Disclaimer: I haven't tried. I just hung it in the bathroom and ran a steamy shower. The wrinkles came right out. </p>

<p>A an aside, the stole is best ironed using a hair straightening iron. ;) It's made of a satiny polyester which is much sturdier than the gown.</p>

<p>Penn</a> State Live - Commencement gowns reflect Penn State's commitment to green efforts</p>

<p>PSU uses "ego friendly green" gowns. Decompmose in 1 yr. Pretty cool.</p>

<p>sax, that's cool.</p>

<p>Ds gave me his stuff so I could "do something with it." What happened to hanging the tassle off your rearview mirror?</p>

<p>For some, the answer is to throw it in the compost pile. </p>

<p>"Jostens’ Elements Collection is made from fiber harvested in renewable forests, and the gowns are compostable. If graduates enter a code on the Jostens website, the company will donate $1 to a sustainability project." See College</a> graduation to go green with eco-friendly caps and gowns -</p>

<p>Daughter's are kept on a hanger with her prom dress. I think I put a garbage bag over them for protection. Her cords and such are in a little box and the three tassels (3! Why do they need 3?) are somewhere in her room.</p>

<p>Turn the gown into curtains and use the cords as tie backs.</p>


<p>Someone said to me one time that they thought of putting their high school tassle in their car, but they were afraid that would just shout "high school graduate!". It's funny that when we're seniors, we want everyone to know, but when we're new to the world nobody can know!</p>

<p>My high school diploma is sitting on a bookcase, along with my cap that still has my tassle on it. My gown is somewhere thrown on top of a bunch of stuff in my closet along with my Halloween costumes from past years...</p>

<p>I've always thought that if worst comes to worst with Halloween costumes I could always just be a graduate again. After all, I did pay for those!</p>

<p>Can I ask, without sounding awful, why you want to store it? I'm stupidly sentimental about objects so I can't believe I'm the one writing this, but I just can't fathom saving the whole thing in a closet or box. Will it hold sentimental value 10 years and a degree or two later? Or will it ever be used for something? </p>

<p>I like the idea though of putting the symbolic part in a frame of some kind. Or maybe taking pictures of it worn and saving those in a frame instead. </p>

<p>As an aside, my academic regalia (which I have to wear a few times a year for graduate ceremonies, as part of my job) has sat comfortably in a plastic suitbag in my closet for twenty years and is still holding up. But it costs a small fortune, and was probably made of a quality to be worn a lot and last.</p>