Stormy Petrels

<p>I just got tired of seing my old alma mater with no messages on their forum. I had the best time of my life there.</p>

<p>I meant seeing. :-)</p>

<p>admirable of you</p>

<p>I don't think I have looked at this website since I made this post. I don't even remember making it, actually. It has been exactly one year since I decided to go to Oglethorpe and I can safely say that I didn't know a damn thing about the school then. I came because I got a scholarship and I didn't want to go to UGA. As my second semester here comes to a close I have to come out and say it: I LOVE this school. I don't think there is anywhere I would rather be. There are other's who feel differently, I know, but if you find a place for yourself here I guarantee you will, like grs512 says, have the best time of your life.</p>

<p>Can anyone give details on how Oglethorpe is? I can't find any websites that go into great detail on the academics, social life, etc...</p>

<p>Oglethorpe focuses on a "core" liberal arts program. They have a new president, who was a senior administrator at Swarthmore, in his third year at O.U. and he is doing some great things. They have a great faculty. The on-campus social life is kind of dead, but they are working on it. They do have a few greek organizations and some pretty good sports (girls basketball made the division 3 final four), but no football. Campus is pretty (gothic, based on Oxford, Corpus Christi) and located in a nice area of Atlanta. Trying to become the best liberal arts option in Atlanta, and focusing on service to the community options that are readily available in Atlanta. If interested in a small liberal arts school in a metro area, it's worth a look.</p>