Storrs Dorms

What are the storrs dorms like? I am living in Storrs 204 this coming year and have seen pictures of beautiful, dark wood built ins but also ugly, old, separate wardrobes. Anything from pictures to descriptions would be great I am just trying to plan for what to bring to my dorm :slight_smile:

You can see some pix here:
What to bring:

Well…as the mom of a rising senior, my D has just remarked, “there are no beautiful, dark wood built ins anywhere!” Dorms for freshmen are not great and for sophomores, even worse…but junior and senior years are definitely better. My daughter’s room this past year was very big and next year will be pretty comparable.

A few Sophomores are lucky and get into Clarke Tower on north campus, and do not live on south campus. Also some fraternities are located on North campus too. So some sophomores do not move to South campus. However I think the south campus location is wonderful as its near LIttle Italy and on a huge hill where one can see Lake Erie. The stairs are great exercise! Keeps one warm during the cold winter months which in Cleveland lasts until May. There was snow on graduation this year, OK, not much snow but I was there and was a bit shocked at how cold Cleveland is in the spring. Fall and summer are beautiful there though. Its a pretty campus, very east coast style, love the architecture of Cleveland, but dorms are plain jane. There is so much to do at Case one will not miss the warm wood finishes very much!!!