Storrs Waiting List or CCSU Honors Program?

I was pretty bummed to hear that I was wait listed from ACES at Storrs when I checked my application. I have a 1920 SAT (590 M/660 CR/670 W), 27 ACT, and a weighted GPA of 94 along with honors and AP classes. I’m not sure where I went wrong with my application.
My first choice safety is CCSU. I got into their honors program as well, giving me half tuition which is great since CCSU is already quite affordable especially since I’m instate. It puts me at about 5k tuition.
I don’t mind the school. My sister and her husband went there and turned out fine, but my heart has been set on UConn since 8th grade.
I also got into UHart with $22k merit, U New Haven with $20k, Quinnipiac with $24k, and ECSU with I think $2.5k a year.
As much as I’d love to go to UConn, the wait list decisions apparently aren’t revealed until the end of May, which would put me past the 5/1 deadline to enroll at CCSU.
Should I bite the bullet and hope for UConn or should I just go with CCSU? If I were accepted to UConn from the start, I’d 110% go there, but that’s not the case unfortunately :frowning:
Is there any way I could hear about the wait list status before 5/1?

You could wait until the 5/1 deadline and pay your admissions deposit for CCSU then if you haven’t heard back from UConn yet. The admissions deposit reserves your spot but does not obligate you to attend, so if you later get off the wait list for UConn you could accept UConn’s admission, you would just lose the $200 deposit(or however much it is) for CCSU because it is non refundable. Hope that helps some :slight_smile:

I agree with @singer1234. As a parent I would tell my D to give CCSU the deposit (if you can afford to lose the money that is) and stay on the waitlist for UConn - if UConn is truly your #1.

@greenhk @singer1234 I think I will do that.Thank you both so much!