Story time

<p>I know you all love wasting time.</p>

<p>Finish this sentence. Each person should add the next part of the story.</p>

<p>Dick Cheney was riding his bicycle through the forest when…</p>

<p>he discovered a gigantic bear standing on its hind legs! Squared out of his mind he...</p>

<p>decided that the best thing to do would be to call his...</p>

<p>when he decided to pull his pants and butt f#c* a tree</p>

<p>this disgusted the giant bear, so the bear decided to...</p>

<p>go to barnes and noble to take SAT practice tests.</p>

<p>Then he realized he couldn't grasp a pencil with his bear claw so he decided to...</p>

<p>go to the music section of the bookstore, listen to emo music, and cry.</p>

<p>He cried about how whales' dorsel fins drooped to one side due to captivity, but suddenly came a "WHOOSH!" And out popped a...</p>

<p>his gf bear, and she yelled at him "why didn't you call me last night!!??" >:0</p>

<p>and he said that he was looking to make children ,i mean dinner, i mean ......</p>

<p>...some thug bear on the street knocked me out." gf bear was still suspicious so she said ...</p>

<p>"the hell with you !!!" and left the bear, so bear went into the city and...</p>

<p>died. The end.</p>

<p>lovely. sequel? anybody?</p>

<p>A UCSD student was studying in the Geisel library very late one night when...</p>

<p>Try doing the story alphabetically. ie each post starts with the next letter of the alphabet. harhar. </p>

<p>bookcases started tipping over. The student...</p>

<p>cried for help, but one particularly large book struck him on the head...</p>

<p>dooming him to life...</p>

<p>-ending mental disease so the student decided tomorrow to commit seppuku ...</p>