Straight B's or Pass/Fail for grad school

Hello! I want to do the Masters in Computer Science program at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. This is my first semester as a transfer student there, and considering all the things going on, I guess straight B’s are okay. However, I saw from sources that the average admitted GPA is a 3.6, which is a bit higher than my current 3.0. I was wondering if I should just make all the classes I have as pass/fail, making my gpa high again, or if I should stick it out with the 3.0. Thank you again and Happy New Years everyone!

I believe UI answers your question:

Don’t take major courses P/F if you want to go to grad school. Work hard and raise your grades.

Agreed with the above - taking all your classes pass/fail is not going to raise your GPA and is a bad idea. Pass/fail classes may not even be counted in your GPA - they don’t have a grade associated with them, so at many schools, you don’t get any points in your GPA for simply passing.

Try taking fewer classes a semesters, or by balancing your computer science classes out with other electives.