Straight up: UCD vs. UCI

<p>I know this has probably been discussed before, but i want to know what people in here would choose for themselves. If i could, i'd rather poll this but i dont think this site has the option. From what i know they are academically pretty much balanced out. Environment wise, it depends on what you want and i understand that, but overall im neutral about even that (although i've visited neither) between these two UC's. I just wanna what you all would yourselves, personally choose from what you know.</p>

<p>I'd go to UCI because well...I did..but that's just my opinion and choice; don't take my word for it.</p>

<p>I would prefer UCI, but that is just me.</p>

<p>UC Davis is in cow farm land. UCI is like 10 mins away from the beach; it is right next to Newport Beach. I don't know if you're into shopping, but it is a close drive to Fashion Island and South Coast Plaza.</p>

<p>However, I have heard UCI is more of a commuter school than some UCs, but I don't think that should be a big problem. Maybe you should look more into it. If you hate asians, don't go to UCI; UCI probably has more asians than UC Davis does.</p>

<p>If you care about ranking, UCI is ranked #40, while UCD is ranked #48. Not to mention, I have been monitoring UCI for a few years and it has shot up in ranking from #50 while UC Davis has stayed the same.</p>

<p>I hope this helps, good luck. Nevertheless, you cannot go wrong. They are both good schools. Another thing to consider is if you want to get away from home or not. If you live like 15 minutes away from a school and you don't want to stay attached at home you might want to consider the other school.</p>

<p>Davis is only "RANKED" lower to due a reporting error.
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<p>Also, in this "RANKING", Davis is ranked 17th best university right below Harvard, where UCI is nowhere to be found.
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<p>Judge for yourself which school you like better, but do not for a second think that Davis is worse academically or is on the way down. Also, I'd recommend visiting the campuses and talking to the students. Each school has its own taste. If you like partying for example, go UCSB. If you want a "study hard" but also commuter school, go UCI. If you want a balance- I concluded UC Davis is the best "mid-tier" and am a happy Aggie. I figured it would be best to earn a solid respectable degree without missing out on the college experience. Plus, we have football (and beat Stanford in it)</p>

<p>:) Come visit and then that should make the choice a lot clearer.</p>

<p>I loved Davis when I went there for grad/pro school & my niece loved it when she was there & graduated 3 years ago. The best thing is to figure out the fit for the particular student involved. Davis has a nice campus life & nice college town. I always felt safe there. Never been to UCI, but my friend's daughter is there as a soph this year & loves it. It's all about fit, as always!</p>

<p>UCI > UCD k thx.</p>

<p>vicissitudes, what an insightful perspective,,</p>

<p>and how the hell did they manage to rank penn state 6th?</p>

<p>No contest for me:</p>

<p>University of California, Davis</p>

<p>Just say it a few times. GO AGGIES!!!!</p>

<p>Obviously, I'd pick neither, but if pressed, I'd say Davis by mile. Much more of a college atmosphere and rising in prestige. It's a very good school. UCI feels cold and sterile to me, there is something fake about it, but to each there own.</p>

<p>This is a decision that you have to make after you visit both campuses. Their academics are pretty similar but the college personalities/atmosphere/location are very VERY different. Although many ppl say davis is like a "cow land," many of my friends who have visited actually really like the laid back, unified atmosphere. Visit both colleges to make your decision!</p>

<p>isn't Newport a really yuppy, upscale rich-person place? if you're a poor college student what is there to do? I liek shopping, but i doubt i'll have the time and money i do now to do all that much shopping when I go to college... and isn't Irvine more inland anyway? On the map it doens't look that close to the beach... </p>

<p>Also, does Irvine have pre-med/pre-dentistry advising? I know Davis does and it's supposed to be really good.</p>

<p>Davis was a nice place for me when I was a poor pro student--lots of inexpensive things to do like the weekly farmer's market, bike trails, free use of the observatory with a student who is certified/trained, free shuttle rides from Davis to Berkeley for research. I note they have a HUGE fitness center that is new, as well as a huge place for entertainment that is also new since I graduated in the early 80s. Apartments near campus were also very reasonable & my niece said housing was still pretty reasonable when she graduated 3 years ago. Davis had lots of animals on campus--in the 80s, we had cows & pigs on campus (penned, of course). Don't know whether they are still there. Davis has a very nice creek with grassy banks where I spent a lot of time--relaxing & pretty quiet.</p>

<p>Irvine has a nice bus to New Mexico for folks who want to visit there. That & a Regent's scholarship made Irvine very attractive to the NMexico resident who is now a happy frosh at Irvine. I've never been to Irvine, so have no 1st hand knowledge of the area.</p>

<p>Davis (the city) is famous for its strictly enforced noise ordinance, which puts a damper on having loud parties. In a well-publicized case, a woman was arrested for snoring too loud...the police came to the adjacent apartment-owner's property, and measured the sound there with a decibel meter. But, this could be a plus if you like to sleep peacefully :-) </p>

<p>I am interested in hearing more about campus life at Irvine. Where would students (especially freshmen without cars, if there are any?) hang out during the school day and in the evenings? Are there little cafes, shops etc. anywhere adjacent to campus? When we visited the campus briefly, there didn't seem to be much other than a few fast-food chains, but we didn't know where to look. I realize Newport Beach is close by, but it seems a little far for a regular everyday hangout.</p>

<p>its funny. I don't know OC country too well, but when i thought of Irvine i thought of MTV laguna beach style party fun. And davis i had the image of moldy farm land that just happened to have a university and a decent suburb implanted somewhere. I think the idea of both places may have been stretched out of proportion from their stereotypes. At least from what i'm hearing so far in here. I thought Irvine would have been hands down a lot more fun but at the expensive of too many distractions. Davis would be the nice peaceful place where there are probably 2 things to do and therefore have a better study environment. Im surprised some people actually prefer the lifestyle in Davis for reasons other than the no-distraction environment idea i had in mind. I live in the suburb city of Fresno, probably the most exciting place in the Valley, but that doesnt say much. People here always complain of it being boring and wanting to go to San Fran or L.A so i hope Davis is not a watered down version of my own city.</p>

You live in Fresno, and you are worried about UCD? You desperately need to visit the campus, and gain some perspective/exposure. You also need to visit UCI, because your impressions are miles away from reality. UCI is well known to be a commuter campus (this means the majority of students don't live on or near the school, they drive there for classes and then drive home) UCD is a college town (this means the town revolves around the school and provides many places/opportunities for students. The students live on or near the campus)</p>

<p>It's so irritating to keep reading over and over and over again all the comments about Davis being a "moldy farm." If you are that stupid then please don't come to Davis. Seriously, don't come to Davis.</p>

<p>Go to Irvine, please. Have fun with the 70% Asian percentage over there, along with the dead commuter campus, as well as the lack of a football team, and be a freaking anteater. God damn..</p>

<p>Mak, if you want to escape, go to Irvine. There's probably more businesses there than in Davis. How you're going to get there is the problem, especially first year without a car. The thing about Davis is that its AXIS is the college.</p>

<p>If you want a big city to get away from the Fresno like environment, Davis isn't going to be your choice.</p>

<p>I love UCI and would definitely come here again. I am not Asian, I don't have a car, and I always have plenty to do. About football--no we don't have a team. Davis does, but it is d1aa football..its not like you're gunna see highlights on sportcenter or something..</p>

<p>I'm not here to badmouth Davis though, for many it is an excellent choice..not for me though.</p>

<p>My friend goes to Davis...she wanted to go to Irvine but she didn't get in. She said she can see cows from her dorm and she only sees her family once every few months when she can fly down. But she also said that the games are fun to go and watch because they, like...shoot stuff at you like t-shirts and even burritos (this is what I heard). I'm going to Irvine next year, the area's nice, very clean, it's around 10 minutes from the cows in sight. </p>

<p>Davis is a good school, though. I didn't apply, but some people like it more than others. My friend's enjoying her time there. Like every school it has its ups and downs.</p>

<p>I'm not Asian either, but I'm used to being surrounded by them because I go to a predominantly Asian school. At least I learned to love Asian food (especially Pho and Korean BBQ...yum). Collegeboard says UCI's asian population is 52%, which isn't much different than UCD's 44% (Does it really matter anyway? It's just a race). </p>

<p>I personally think UCI > UCD.</p>

<p>To each their own, but UCD>UCI. My D just sighned her SIR. She visited UCI last summer, and did not even apply there. She picked UCD for the all around experience, atmosphere, college town life, and the friendly environment at UCD. Also the football team, and the many social opportunities that having one of the best intramural sports programs in the country provides.
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and of course for all of the outstanding internship opportunities at UCD
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Hope this helps...Go Ags!</p>