Strange gizmo stumps TSA agents

<p>This news tidbit imade me laugh really hard. Check it out:</p>

The suspiciously thin, port-free laptop sends airport security into a tizzy, until cooler heads prevail. Maybe it's time for some tech briefings at the TSA, no?</p>

<p>On his blog, programmer Michael Nygard (by way of the Unofficial Apple Weblog) writes that during a recent trip through the airport, his solid-state MacBook Air stopped TSA agents—puzzled by its lack of rear-facing ports or a standard hard drive—in their tracks. </p>

<p>Nygard said the agents put him and his suspicious "device" in a holding cubicle as security staffers huddled nearby, looking at X-ray printouts of the sinister-looking Air and scratching their heads.</p>

<p>A younger TSA agent—who, apparently, was aware of Apple's newest laptop—tried explaining to the group that the Air uses solid-state memory in place of a traditional hard drive. The senior staffer, however, was still reluctant to let it go: "New products on the market? They haven't been TSA approved. Probably shouldn't be permitted," Nygard writes.</p>

<p>Finally, after booting up the Air and running a program, the agents let Nygard go, he said—but only after he'd missed his flight.


<p>MacBook</a> Air stumps TSA agents, owner misses flight : Ben Patterson : Yahoo! Tech</p>

<p>Macbook Air: 2 grand. Seeing the expressions on the TSA agents' faces: priceless.</p>

<p>I tried out one of those today.
I want it so bad <B <B <B but I just bought a macbook pro last fall- I can't upgrade it to 2.4 either :( ( I like it still but it could be lighter & faster & it could scratch less)</p>

<p>the mac airs are* really * nice- great keyboard- although it is a tad too much like the new ipods with the narrow crease around the rim, but if they maybe beveled it a little.</p>

<p>( I liked the clamshell ones with a handle- I don't get a good grip on mine and the bulky cases defeat the purpose of having a slim laptop. yes I know the clamshell I books were bulky- but they were sturdy!)</p>

<p>They do not hire the sharpest crayons in the box do they? I would be po'd to miss my flight just cause some "dude" wanted to check out the new toy.</p>

<p>remember when the old OS would show a " bomb"?
When someone turned their laptop on for the screener & they said " It's bomb" it didn't go over too well .
Miguel</a> Carrasco's Real World: Apple Crash Top 10 Images
I had the bomb a few times but I never had the chimes of doom- my daughter was treated to.</p>

<p>Funny. Well TSA must have caught on by now. I just flew to DC with my new MacBook Air (LOVE IT, BTW), and no one from TSA gave it a second glance. It has been getting a lot of attention from others in the hotel lobby as I type this this morning, though.</p>