Strange Interview at USC? Was it worth it?

<p>I decided to do an interview @ USC even though it wasn't necessary for my major (Music performance) and I found the interview to be a bit short. My interviewer only spent around 10 minutes with me and just asked me general questions. Was this a good thing? Will this interview help my chances?</p>

<p>For a performance major your audition will be most important.</p>

<p>At most schools interviews are typically not considered in the application process. That's because many students don't have the resources to visit multiple schools or even have access to area alumni. Throw in the variability of expertise among interviewers and you'll see why it doesn't often have a big influence. I suppose a truly spectacular interview might help a very little as well as a horrendous one might hurt a tiny bit. But it seems highly unlikely that it would be a deciding factor.</p>

<p>The exception to this rule is when your interviewing for major university scholarships (President, Trustee Awards).</p>

<p>As GeorgiaGirl says, in your situation it will be about the audition.</p>