Strange or normal college roommate?

I was randomly assigned a roommate last semester and we shared a room together. I moved in two days before she moved in so I had the chance to pick which side of the room I wanted. Two days later, I had come in and I saw that the linen on the bed was neatly placed and she had already moved in but she wasn’t there. I didn’t see her until the next day when she had opened the door, walked in and had her head down and walked straight onto her side of the room to drop the rest of her things off. She didnt even make eye contact with me or acknowledge me until I said something and greeted her.

Of course she had greeted me back and we introduced one another. After that simple introduction and getting to know her, I realized that she was never in the room, she would come in and out to drop or get her things and never come back. She would reappear again a day later for a few seconds and then leave, never be seen again until the next day. I realized that she worked and had to go to school so I figured she was busy but she would never sleep at the dorm until about month later, in which she slept there for about a week. One night I was washing my hands and the sink is in between our side of the room, she told me that her parents were coming and if I didn’t mind that they’re coming, then I said I didn’t mind. She asked that we did not talk very much after our introduction and some casual conversations here and there to be friendly. I said that I did not talk very much and apologized. She had looked down on her phone and I left the room.

After that, she disappeared again for several days until she returned to make food in the room. I realized that she had bought foods and would eat ramen in the room and clogged our sink because she’d dump the ramen water in the sink and the bits of noodles clogged our sink. When I saw the noodles in the sink, I kindly told her that I hope we could keep the sink unclogged and not leave anything in there to clog the sink, she looked at me and glared then walked away. Ever since then, I figured that my roommate was someone that either refused to communicate or did not want to communicate.

I refused to say a word to her.

She disappeared again and would continue to come in and out of the room to get some books and things but never stay there.

Either that or she’d come home after 5pm and she’d sleep for 3 hours and leave at midnight and never to return until the next day or the day after that.

I noticed that she would sleep throughout the day and then leave at midnight.

Two months has passed and she’s barely stayed there besides that one week that she stayed, she decided to stay in the dorm for a week again. This time, all she does is sleep and her sleeping schedule is strange. She’d sleep from 6pm to 10pm sometimes and then leave at midnight or wake up really early. She would disappear again and did not stay there until a month later, almost the end of the semester.

She decided to stay there for a week. I saw her asleep at 10pm when I washed my hands and turned off all the lights to go to sleep as well. I had waken up at 3:30am because I heard her leaving her bed and the only thing that was on was her computer monitor, which she had left open. I saw her standing on the side of her bed and was bending down as if she was doing something and looking down with her hair facing down. I had stood there to see what she was doing and she slowly stopped what she was doing and slowly tilted her head to my direction to look at me. Then after she saw me and realized I was there, she had this blank look on her face and tilted her head back down very slowly. She then stood up and reached for something in her table and I went back to bed. When I checked back on her again, she was back in bed.

She moves so silently and barely makes a sound, she’s also very considerate but a bit strange.

What do you think?

She has a boyfriend and sleeps at his place. Probably ignores you because she thinks she’s cooler than you.