Strange Question....

<p>URM Related.....</p>

<p>If an applicant doesn't self-identify on the app, is there a later opportunity for the college to capture the student's race and report accordingly.....?
(gov't, stats, whomever)</p>

<p>In other words, is the statistic captured at all?</p>

<p>I know that on my kiddo's high school transcripts (at their previous high school in NV) there is a slot for ethnicity. A code is entered in the slot. When the official transcript is sent off with the school's profile a "key" to the codes is sent along with the transcript. If one was just looking at the transcript it would be impossible to decipher but with the "key" the college can easily figure it out. Is this the info you were looking for?</p>


<p>When I taught in a public university, once a semester, the professors had to write down how many students of each ethnicity/race were in each class. We were not asked, however to, say which student belonged to which ethnicity or race. We just had to give totals for each ethnicity (and often we were guessing. I know I was not the only prof who didn't want to go into class and say, "Raise your hand if you are Hispanic. Raise your hand if your are black...."</p>

<p>kat- the college app is much more direct though. It asks you to identify your race and one would assume that the ID is used in evaluating the file.</p>

<p>NSM, all of the tossed around stats about black men and's sending conflicting info to my son about being counted. If he IDs in the app, he feels "more advantaged" than he wants to....but if he doesn't ID early on....he might not county towards to actual data being used to identify trends in admissions/ graduation / success.</p>

<p>A question relating to this. What if you are mixed race? I noticed on a grad school application that mixed race is now a choice. I have a white parent and a black parent, but I look white and thus checked that box in the past as the easy way out. Does mixed race make you a URM?</p>

<p>I was told at several colleges that the info is self reported. Many kids do not report what they are so the breakdowns are not accurate. Time is not allotted to scrutinize the apps for interview info, name, essays to figure out some ones ethnicity. If you ever do a count from the "face books" that many colleges put together for freshmen, you can see the descrepancy in data. SInce many non URMS do not report the info, the breakdowns are extrapolated from the data given. The URM info is pretty accurate because it is to a student's advantage to report this if he falls into this category.</p>


<p>yes, mixed race is URM. It is an interesting question, though.......</p>

<p>My son is 1/4 black, 1/4 white (Irish) and 1/2 Hispanic....</p>

<p>He identifies as African American....because that's been more of his culture than the others.</p>