strategy on multiple passages

<p>What is your strategy when you get something to read that has passage 1 and passage 2. I don't know the specific name for these, but they mess me up. I took my first practice test for the SAT (been doing ACT), and I missed 2 and skipped one all on just this one reading.</p>

<p>I didn't miss anything else, help is needed.</p>

<p>We call them dual passages. I read the italicized blurb, then read Passage 1 and stop. I answer all of the questions about Passage 1, which are usually the first 4 or 5. Sometimes the first 1 or 2 questions are about both passages, so I skip those. Then I go back and read the blurb again before going on to Passage 2 (after predicting the author's attitude on the subject---after ready P1, you have a good idea how P2 is going to react). Then I answer all the Passage 2 questions. The last step is to answer the questions about both passages.</p>

<p>The questions about both passages have a lot of hypothetical questions like "How would the author of P1 respond to lines 46-47 of P2?" I always try to predict this answer in my head before looking at the answer choices (I use this strategy on all questions, but it's especially important here to help you keep opinions straight). Makes these questions much easier if I can say "He'd totally disagree" or "He'd say she was exaggerating."</p>

<p>Hope that helps!</p>

<p>^That sounds really helpful, Im gonna try that next time. Thanks!</p>

<p>Thank you SATwriter, Ill try that tonight.</p>

<p>I think I'll give it a go as well, SATwriter, i applaud your advice.</p>