"Streamlined Applications??"

I just got emailed today from the College of Wooster about how I will “receive an invitation this August to apply with a streamlined application reserved for standout students” and how I should “submit this application as early as possible so that can take advantage of priority benefits.”

Does this increase my chances of acceptance and/or scholarship opportunities?


Could you expand on that? Do you think this is simply a ploy to increase applications?

I don’t think it’s just a ploy. But it’s something offered to high stat kids who will likely get in. Most of the info is the same, and of course you still have to do all of the writings. But you don’t have to get LORs from anyone other than your GC.

My “No” was if you use the streamlined over the Common App, it won’t matter. It’s not going to increase or decrease your chances either way. That said… the fact that it has been offered to you is a good thing.