Strength in Sciences - Villanova or Loyola,Md.?

<p>My D has the opportunity to attend either Villanova or Loyola College in Md. She is contemplating studying in preparation for physical therapy, occ. therapy, or possibly pre-med. Which school is stronger in the sciences. I know both schools have very good business schools, with Villanova strong in engineering and nursing also. Can anyone give some insight, or at least a way to find this out? Thanks.</p>

<p>My suggestion would be to find out placement rates for grad school in those areas for each of the schools. Last year, my D looked at both schools and applied only to Loyola because of atmosphere/size (they seem quite different in several respects, so your D might think about that too). She was contemplating pre-vet and therefore directed to pre-med sessions during accepted students day. We were very impressed by the requirements, advising, and placement figures we heard. Also, they indicated that there are opportunities for jobs or internships down the road at Johns Hopkins. Good luck with your research...
(ps. my daughter chose another school for various reasons...)</p>

<p>I already looked at the stats for both schools, unfortunately it really doesn't tell the true tale. I was looking for some first hand experience from current/past students. Thanks anyway.</p>