Strength of academics @ JMU?

<p>I'm hearing a lot from both sides, and I am a prospective OOS non-ish traditional transfer (23 y/o).</p>

<p>I'm applying to JMU (also UVA/W&M) and wondering if anyone can comment on if academics CAN be very strong at JMU if you make them? I want to pursue the BA/MAT 5-year teacher education program. I'm 23 years old, and took a break after HS. I've done plenty of partying and really want to focus on my career now. Is there a place for less-drinking, more-studying types at JMU, esp. in the school of education?</p>

<p>Any input appreciated. Thanks.</p>

<p>Yes. I do not teach in the education program, but have had students in the education program in the acting and directing classes that I teach. The students I have worked with are mature, focused, intelligent. You will find that there are highly focused students in all majors. Of course, there are also students who are not as focused... but that is pretty typical of any college.</p>

<p>JMU started as a Teacher's College. I believe they are still one of the top education programs in VA. I know they have very high placement in music and art education. The students I have talked to in the 5 year BA/MAT program also feel very positive about their placement opportunities post graduation, from what I understand.</p>


<p>I know plenty of people in the Education department at JMU. It is one of the highly touted degrees to be earned at JMU, because of it's tradition and placement of recent grads. Also, Education majors have one of the highest average GPA's than most majors at JMU, not only because of the requirements but also of the dedication of the students in the program.</p>