Strengths and Limitations of Truman State University

<p>Are you a grad, prof, prospective student, or parent looking at TSU? We need to share information to assist prospective students in evaluating this University. </p>

My daughters and I visited this winter (hs seniors 08-09). To all of our surprise, they loved the professors (yes, you actually can sit down and talk with them) and the programs and opportunities available. They thought the physical campus was nicer than anticipated. On the down side, yes, the town is definitely not a selling feature.</p>

<p>In an attempt to attract the high caliber student body, we have been told that they are very generous with merit awards to high performing students. </p>

<p>Current students say that they do not mind the town because there is so much offered on campus. We have talked to a few students that transfered in or out of Truman. Without exception, they say the academics bar is set much higher at Truman. Those that transferred out have decided on a different major, found the academics too demanding, or wanted a more urban setting.</p>

<p>So, what do you know? Let's get a thread started!</p>

<p>I'm a student at Truman about to enter my senior (fourth) year.</p>

<p>They are very, very generous with merit awards. Frankly, I don't know a single person who DIDN'T receive a scholarship of some sort, and I know several people who actually made money coming to Truman.</p>

<p>The professors are, as a whole, excellent. They are generally willing to go out of their way to help. I've had weekly 1-on-1 tutoring sessions with one professor; another essentially requires her students to come in for help; others set up tutoring sessions and so on. While I've never attended another college, I believe the academics are excellent. I've been able to compare my knowledge level in my major to the abilities/knowledge level of people at other schools who are studying something similar, and I'm definitely at the top of the pack.</p>

<p>The campus is nice and fairly compact. It's possible to walk between the farthest buildings within ten minutes. The town is, well, lackluster, but there are ~8 Chinese buffets and ~6 pizza places, as well as a couple Mexican restaurants, a sushi place, and, of course, Pancake City (think: a greasier Denny's). Going to Wal-Mart at 3am is not exactly a rare occurrence. And let's face it: college students make their own fun. A big city is not necessary for that.</p>

<p>I'm from a big city (Chicago), so I had some serious culture shock going to rural, middle of nowhere Kirksville. As much as I hate to admit it, the place has grown on me, though that's not stopping me from escaping once I graduate! It's a small, safe town, and that's about it. I know a number of people who have transferred to Mizzou, or UMSL, or UMKC, because they wanted a more urban setting, or easier academics... but isn't part of college experiencing new things and pushing yourself to (and beyond) your limits?</p>

<p>Hope this helps...</p>

<p>We have a few questions for you if you have the time...</p>

<p>Sure, feel free to PM or e-mail me anytime... I'd be more than willing to answer any questions. :)</p>

<p>I applied to five schools, two of which were Truman and Mizzou. I loved Truman, but didn't think I could handle the size. I'll be entering Mizzou this fall, but must admit I'm a little apprehensive about the size. But by no means in the "scared" way - in the "I made the wrong decision" way. If that makes sense. But I'm going for at least a semester : ) And I am very excited, just a little nagging thought I had to get out</p>

<p>Are you saying that Truman was too small for you and now you are worried about Mizzou being too big?</p>

<p>Way back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth (about four years ago now), I applied to schools ranging in size from 1200 students to 50,000 students. I was open to schools of all sizes, in all locations, and I ended up at Truman for the money. I'm glad I ended up with Truman because I'm fairly certain that I would have outgrown the smaller schools and I would've been even more of a neurotic wreck at a larger school. (Keep in mind that I absolutely HATED Truman for my first year or so. But, being a stubborn mule, I stuck it out. Early in my second year I was even applying to transfer to other schools - but suddenly everything clicked and now I'm pretty fond of it.)</p>

<p>Even if you don't like Mizzou, there's no reason why you can't transfer - or even just try to make the best of it. Trust me, how you're feeling now is NOT how you'll be feeling in another month or two. The first semester of college is such an emotional rollercoaster that you'll probably decide to transfer at least three times - and by the end of the day you'll decide to stay put. Just keep an open mind and, one way or another, things will work out.</p>

<p>O.K., before the dinosaurs roamed the earth, I went to Mizzou. The first year was the roughest. One morning, however, I woke up and decided to make it my home. I joined a few organization (many more soon followed), made an effort to get to know my classmates and professors, and before I knew it I was on top of the world! I guess what I'm trying to say is no matter where you end up, so much of it has to do with what you make of it. you agree?</p>

<p>I definitely agree, seekingknowledge... you need to make a determined effort to go out there and make a determined effort to enjoy your environment. I tend to be fairly reserved, and I find making friends to be fairly difficult. When I decided to go out of my comfort zone and participate in an organization or two I began to make new friends very fast. And heck, in my opinion, half of the problems someone may have with their school of choice is related to their number, and quality, of close friends. (And also their living environment.) But yes, what you make of your environment is the most important thing. If you go in thinking you're going to hate it - well, you're going to hate it.</p>

<p>atmjunk has generously offered his opinions to us in re to Truman. Anyone else out there? General college life experiences, Political Science, Pre-Vet, merit aid, professors...anyone?</p>


<p>i too attend truman state and it seems i have a similar background to atmjunk in some areas. however, my take on truman is not quite the same.</p>

<p>merit aid: yes truman is quite generous with this. and i feel that even if you aren't given any aid it's quite affordable to attend either in-state or out of state.</p>

<p>if you have any specific questions pm me. however, it might take a little while to attend as i dont really check these boards anymore.</p>

<p>macinici, thank you for taking the time to reply. I will pm you. My girls are narrowing down their list. Truman remains a serious contender for a variety of reasons. We are just trying to obtain real life experiences and recommendations from Truman students. I look forward to hearing your take on Truman State University.</p>

<p>I have a few questions.
How well known is Truman State? Is it well-known in Missouri?
Also, how good is the Elementary Education program?</p>

<p>full disclosure: None of my children have attended Truman to date. We are looking at it very closely. Here is what I do know or information I have gathered from others. Truman's educational experience is very highly regarded in Missouri. The education department is well respected. The graduates I have spoken to have been able to continue their education at some very highly ranked schools. They feel well prepared.</p>

<p>Truman students, in general seem to either love it or not. When you ask why, it isn't the University that makes the difference, its the town of Kirksville.</p>

<p>Hope this gets you started.</p>

<p>I disagree with most said above.</p>

<p>The school is nothing like the campus tours or brochures make it out to be.</p>

<p>There are things going on at all times on campus, but you have to be greek to participate.</p>

<p>Classes are fairly small, but the average class size is not 25 like they tell you on the tour. I'm graduating this semester and I still dont have classes under 35 so I really dont know where they pull this number from. I've had classes with 45 people and 40 chairs too. </p>

<p>Truman does give away lots of scholarship money, but its not really scholarship money because you have to work so many hours per week for the university in order to keep the money coming. The school also has the tendency to "lose" timecards so that students end up having to pay the school back for this money. This happened to me and a few of my friends.</p>

<p>The students here are not very diverse and social. Sure we have many international students, but they mostly form friendships with other international students. Being in Kirksville, there really isnt much to do aside from drinking. Those students who are not into drinking are usually quite antisocial and just in their dorms all day alone watching TV or go home for the weekend. No fun.</p>

<p>The academic expectations here are riduculous. I have taken around 15-16 hours a semester since I began here and there hasn't been a day where I don't feel completely overwhelmed. I only spend 5 hours or so a week participating in extracurricular activities and still feel like there is no way to get everything done. The majority of students at Truman that succeed are only able to do so by staying up all night. I know every college has students that pull all-nighters, but for a successful Truman student it won't be just during finals or midterms, but a regular thing just to stay caught up. </p>

<p>Truman prides itself on its liberal arts mission, but all this means to students is extra general education classes. I am a firm believer in being well rounded, but who needs 60-70 hours of that. I sure don't think so. </p>

<p>I came with a h.s. GPA of 3.9. I now study all the time and don't even pull a B average in my classes. I know some of you will think that theres more to college than getting good grades. I have to agree that it is true in my opinion, but graduate programs beg to differ. I have lost out on many opprotunities in this area due to my low GPA(that would be MUCH higher if I attended another institution) I am now forced to go with a not so great MBA program just because I made the mistake of choosing Truman.</p>

<p>For the poster above that was thinking of transferring from Mizzou to Truman, I wouldn't recommend it. You will have so many more opportunities at a large school like Mizzou such as internships during school and research just to name a few. It may have a huge student body, but at least when you graduate you're degree will be recognizable nationwide.</p>

If you like staying up all night studying, go to Truman.
If you want to be able to enjoy college life, work during college, meet people from different backgrounds or go to graduate school....STAY AWAY...its not worth the savings or your sanity.</p>

<p>Thanks for your response. I have been directing many students from my daughters' high school to this thread. Student perspective is extremely valuable. Different people...different experience. </p>

<p>Melissa09, in response to your comments on scholarships, it sounds like the merit aid/financial aid you received had a work study component. The merit aid offered to my daughters and their friends so far does not have this. GPA requirement, that's it. Good luck in grad school!</p>

<p>A friend of mine also told me that the students must work to keep their scholarships. Here is the info according to their website:</p>

<p>Truman</a> Scholarships - Office of Admission - Truman State University</p>

<p>From Truman's website:</p>

<p>Students earning a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above while completing at least 24 hours of credit per academic year at Truman may renew all academic scholarship(s) by completing scholarship renewal service. Renewal is according to the following scale: </p>

3.25 or higher 100%
3.20-3.24 90%
3.10-3.19 80%
3.00-3.09 70%

<p>Scholarship renewal service of 60 hours per semester begins in the sophomore year. Renewing students submit proposals for their service projects. Examples of service include research for a faculty member in your academic major, service to a University office, a special project related to an interest area, or assistance in a community non-profit organization.
Scholarship renewal service is not required of students receiving $750 or less per semester in Truman scholarship(s).</p>

<p>Hi...I am a junior who is thinking about attending Truman. If anyone would be able to answer my questions that'd be great!</p>

<p>Are you often bored on campus? Truthfully, is there enough to do?
What are the students like? Do they enjoy having fun or do they mainly keep to themselves?</p>

<p>Dont get me wrong. I'm not a partier, I don't drink, etc. However, i do love hanging out with my friends and going to movies or just hanging out. I don't need there to be wild parties at Truman but I just want to make sure there's enough going on that I will be able to have fun. I really don't want to be alone in my dorm room all day but instead want to be hanging out with my friends. Does Truman seem to fit this description or not?</p>

<p>Please understand that I am a mom, not a student. However, many of my daughters friends attend Truman and many more will be attending this fall. My daughters have elected to attend elsewhere. What I can tell you is that the vast majority of the kids I know enjoy the experience. Most are involved in many activities. Hanging out with friends is a big part of their college experience. Some drink, many do not. They all make jokes about the town...and the cold weather. They find the education challenging (they are all bright kids). The merit money is extremely generous and can make an undergraduate education extremely affordable. </p>

<p>The best advice I can offer is to visit (for a few days or more than once). This was extremely important in the decisions my daughters made. Talk to the current students...they spoke very honestly. You will find some who love it and some who do not. The reasons vary. Take a hard look at the department you might be interested in (if you think you might know). Meet with the professors and sit in on a few classes. </p>

<p>Hope this gets you started. Best of luck and perhaps a few more students will respond to you.</p>

<p>I am both from the area and attended Truman. The school is highly regarded for both its Education programs and its Accounting program and others I am sure. I found the study hours necessary to succeed heavy but not impossible. They have a very high success rate for passing all parts of the CPA in the first pass. That speaks highly of the program.</p>

<p>As for the social, I found that if you wanted to drink and party it is there. If you were not in to that there are other things to do. There is no major mall to go to but the friendships are wonderful if you nurture them. I was not Greek but they did seem to have a strong presence on the campus.</p>

<p>I totally enjoyed the experience and YES - then moved away. I think it all comes down to the size of university you want and if malls are important to you! Is it as well known as Mizzu - NO. Is it a great university - YES.</p>