Strengths of Drew

<p>For those of you with first hand knowledge, could you tell me about the major advantages of Drew? I am not looking for comparisons with other schools or long lists of gripes. I am essentially asking a question similar to what an applicant might be asked - Why Drew?</p>

<p>For my son, he graduated in 2010, the size and personal attention, along with great FA was a plus. He was accepted to colleges with more prestige so to speak, but he liked the small classes, personal attention and beauty of the campus. It felt like a fit.
When professors wrote recs, they knew him, they didn't have to rely just on his resume, grades, etc. He went back to visit a couple of times the following year and they were happy to see him and hear his opinions, good and bad about his experiences there and afterward. When I went to graduation, a professor came up to me and said what a wonderful son I had and how much she enjoyed meeting him and helping him with his independent project. She encouraged him to keep in touch and he did. They cared about his education and although not perfect, he felt a connection with many of them.
I feel, even if others say, "Drew?" sometimes, his school was always commented on positively in grad school interviews and he felt ready in most areas when he left.</p>


<p>Thank you. This was exactly the kind of thing I was looking for.</p>