Stressed about gpa

Great story!! I started freshman year taking 3pre-ap and 2regular classes making A’s &B’s and i ended freshman year with a 3.891. When i got into my sophomore year things began to go downhill i took all pre-ap but i sucked at geometry and chemistry and i made a few C’s but ended sophomore year with a 3.878. Now i have gotten to my junior year and things have fallen completely apart with me dropping 2 of my ap classes and left with two honor classes. And i was okay with until the last six weeks i did terrible and it messed up my semester averages and now I’m so stressed out that i now can’t reach my goal. But I’m hoping to end junior year with a his 3.8 and I’m wondering if it’s possible if i can raise my gpa to at least a 4.0 gpa by senior year