Stressed and Depressed about college

Hey, guys I’ve been really stressed lately about this whole online school and college information. I have a 3.9 Gpa but a horrendous SAT score but everything else on my application is good. I’m in senior year right now and really stressed. This morning my counselor emailed me that I didn’t pass my state math test freshman year and I either need to take the SAT and get a good score next week or take Bridge to College math(which won’t look good on my transcript and will mess up my schedule). I don’t know what to do I’m really stressed right now and full of rage. I feel like I have no time to prepare to raise my SAT score even though I studied most of the summer. I know its outside of my control but they could have at least given me a month to know I didn’t pass it my freshman year or allow me to retake the State math test last semester. I feel like I’m stuck and have to pick two bad situations that will extremely stress me out. I feel like I won’t get far in life or even get to major in Computer Science due to my terrible SAT score. I have basically 1 week one to cram, what should I do?

I think you are in luck. Many schools have gone test optional. You have nothing to lose and maybe, just maybe CS isnt the best fit for you. Who knows. Talk it out with a mental health professional or trusted adult. Things are going to work out. You are a good student. You have the ability to do well. Sometimes things go wrong even for the best of them and maybe that is what happened on your State math test. Do what you can with the time you have and dont waste it on things out of your control or the past. Do the next right thing. Think and speak positively to yourself and for sure let your counselor know how you are feeling after that email. I wish you all the best!

I decided Im going to preare for the SAT and still major in CS. Your reply was very helpful tho, thank you for getting me in the right state of mind

Lwazi71 - Truth be told, if you’re graduating high school and need to retake algebra and/or your SAT score is below the 80th percentile, you’re not cut out for computer science. My specialty is controls. Some guys at university could solve problems with 20% of the code I needed.