Stresss! :(

<p>STRESSSS............. (i'm sorry everyone, this is going to be one bitching post... i apologize before hand.. but i couldnt resist the temptation) </p>

<p>why can't columbia just f'ing tell us whats going to happen.............. we have to slave away doing another friggin moutain of applications. what is the point of early if we still need to do another stack more for RD....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i actually cannot do nemore now... i feel like im chugging out essays everyday... who else feels like a machine here?</p>


<p>i'm sorry for having to rant on this post....... but i wonder if anyone feels the same way? i know i'm sucha drama queen.. but to be honest im actually in distress right now.</p>

<p>anyone have any advice how to get through the next 9 applications? :(</p>

<p>i'm sorry silver, i have no advice, all i can say is that i'm feeling the same way. you should be proud, though, at least you're working on your other apps. i have no motivation whatsoever to do so... haven't even started any except getting teacher and guidance counselor recs because im really not that interested in my other schools. this will be a problem, however, when i'm rejected from columbia.
keep on truckin'</p>

<p>yea i dont feel like doing anything</p>

<p>i actually dont have ne motivation either katie... but it's like i have to have a contingency plan... cus as much as i hate to think bout it... columbia is an ivy league, which means that MOST people dont get in.. i actually wish columbia wasn't an ivy... cus it'd just mean that my love/dream school won't be sucha reach!</p>

<p>Now im not one to think negatively.... but i have to stay grounded..... so these RD apps i guess are quite important............... except.... i dont know what to writeeee......
and you would think.. that in my college guide book of the 328 MOST INTERSTING COLLEGES .. i would at least take a liking to other unis...
but no.... it's all futile.
columbia's taken my breath away.</p>

<p>instant fatal attraction ....</p>

<p>is it better to hope for the best? or prepare urself for the worst............</p>

<p>ok and can someone pleaassseee advise me on how to write WHY you want to go to some other school when you obviously don't want to THAT much.....
and if you don't know thhhatttt much bout a school?</p>

<p>some of these essays are weirdd.. have u seen the chicago prompts? geez, what do u even write? i dont think i even understand the question! grrrr, all the other apps suck as opposed to columbia's BRILLIANT app. (i better not get in trouble with this.. :s)</p>

<p>applications suck!</p>

<p>shizerr... i just realized i missed something in the columbia app!!!!!
i forgot to write about what i did in my summers, i thought it was only for jobs.. so i only wrote bout my internship and completely missed out my travels...</p>

<p>and also "last summer" refers to the summer that just went by right? </p>

<p>should i email my adcom officer to add that little extra detail in?????????</p>

<p>feel the same way... a real pain all these extra essays although i found that most you can adapt what u already wrote to the question... the worst so far are NYU (what did u do last sunday?????) John hopkins (what u do with $10???) and northwestern (definitely the worst , about 5 questions, each one dummer than the last..)
good luck to you all</p>

<p>someone pls answer to my previous postttt :)
many thanks !</p>

<p>btw, i love this support network lol! it makes me feel a little bit "normal"!</p>

<p>I dont think such a small detail is going to change the final decision. but bothering them to add it could. btw silver_wavez what other schools are you applying too ( or trying to apply to ;-) ?</p>

<p>ffffffff********* I just sent my adcom officer an email concerning the missing info.............................. Was that the stupidest thing ever.. to add on to my carelessness..</p>

<p>OMG. I think I just killed all the chances I had........... :(</p>

<p>Now I'm going to HAVE to actually try hard for the other apps...</p>

<p>Is this bye bye Columbia for me?

<p>Do you guys want to see what I wrote in that email to my adcom?</p>

<p>oh and GO: these are the other schools im applying to :(</p>

<p>im in a state of ultimate depression right now.. cus i think columbia's gonna hate me now :(</p>

yale (no chance here, but giving it a shot)
chicago (strugglin with the essay prompts)
claremont mckenna</p>

<p>the email won't be a make or break</p>

<p>had you not sent in the email, the assumption would have been that you did absolutely nothing that summer, or that you were too negligent too write anything for that</p>

<p>by sending in an email, you at least make up for the latter sin</p>

<p>o lordy, i hope you're right yu shi (i hope i got your name right :)).</p>

<p>im really paranoid now....
i hope the reader will understand that im human and i can make mistakes..
id either look like a complete fool that is careless or a really eager applicant?!</p>

<li>extremely worried columbian wannabe</li>

<p>Glory and Matt: I'm really thankful to you guys.... If it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't have even realized that I missed out that lilttle bit of info..</p>

<li>extremely grateful Christina</li>

<p>It gets worsee... I just finished writing 2 RD college essays.. and now I want to send them to Columbia.. :(
I can't seem to let go of my Columbia app... And I'm thinking that maybe this essay is better than the one I already sent in...</p>

<p>Maybe it's because I love Columbia so much, but don't you guys think Columbia's app is so much more user friendly and in a way slightly easier than other college apps?</p>

<p>I'm looking at some of these RD apps, and they are so complicated.... I'm lost!</p>

<p>its not easier its just has less useless questions and only one essay (the worst is definitely northwestern)</p>

<p>OHH!! I got a reply from my adcom...
and she said that "mistake" I made was fine :)</p>

<p>Today is going to be a good day!!!</p>

<p>yay! im glad it worked out! i agree with what you are saying about the Columbia app vs. common app + college supplement. It is definitely concise and more than sufficient. I was gonna start crying for my friend when I saw the Harvard supplement she had to fill out in addition to the common. (Stanford's is pretty tedious too: 3 short answer in addition to God knows how many essays, one of them being: note to future roommate with personal experience that reveals about me- I mean, I can see how that'd make a great prompt in a creative writing class, but to the adcoms...) just my 2cent.</p>

<p>hehe.. yep glory. a good friend of mine applied stanford EA. she did amazing essays.. but wow it looks so tedious!
thank god im not applying there... not that i'd get in anyway</p>

<p>o but how i love columbia! lol:P :)</p>