Strict mom won't let me stay on campus at FIU?

I know I sound like the bratty teenager that wants to move out of their parents home but hear me out.

I live in Tampa which is about 4 hours away from Miami. I will be graduating with my AA and my high school diploma so, you can tell I’ve worked very hard the past few years.

I understand she does not want to pay the money and take out loans but, I am willing to take on the loans and paying them in the future. She’d rather me live with her and my two brothers and commute to USF which is around 40 minutes away from where I live.

I don’t know how I will be able to do that back and forth, five days out of the week for the rest of the years I am there. The traffic down here is crazy, and traveling to the college everyday will be nerve-werking for me especially since I don’t do well under stress. I’ve tried talking to her but she keeps saying her decision is final and she does not want to talk about it anymore. She also said she’d rather me not attend college for a whole year and sit and home doing nothing than send me to Miami.

I love my mom so much but, I need to leave. I want to discover new things. I’ve been in this city most of my life (10 years) and i’m just tired of it. I know I sound bratty and I cannot be the only one going through something like this.

She says it’s because of the money, which is true, but mostly because she doesn’t want to let go.

I do not know what to do. She’s a single mom and I’d do anything for her. She has don’t so much for me and my brothers and I am grateful but, when can I start living my life?

She won’t even let me stay on campus at USF. Id rather be on a campus where I could get to my classes shortly and stress-free rather than drinving to the University, not knowing if I’ll be on time or not.

And don’t say “Just move out” because who will be paying my tuition?