Strippers in Class? La Salle University Professor Suspended

<p>"A La Salle University professor, Jack Rappaport, has been suspended for allegedly hiring strippers to give lap dances at an extra-credit seminar on business ethics.</p>

<p>Rappaport was in the front of the classroom and three bikini-clad and miniskirted women were on top of him giving him a lap dance, according to Brad Bernardino, a sophomore at La Salle who attended the March 21 session. At various other times, Bernardino added, the strippers gave willing students lap dances, and a PowerPoint presentation related to business ethics ran in the background..."</p>

<p>Hey, MY business classes weren't like that!</p>

<p>La</a> Salle University Professor Jack Rappaport Accused of Bringing Strippers to Class - ABC News</p>

<p>"A college newspaper has gone topless to publish a story alleging a professor used exotic dancers in a business seminar.</p>

<p>La Salle University students say administrators would not let them print the story above the fold on the front page.</p>

<p>So the top half of Thursday's Collegian is blank, except for the words 'See below the fold...'"</p>

<p>Creative college kids.</p>

<p>College</a> Paper Goes Topless For Exotic Dancer Story</p>