Strong Academic Depts at U of Miami

<p>Does anybody have information on which academic departments at the University of Miami are strongest? It looks like most of the GE requirements from which my AP exams wouldn't exempt me if I went there are in the Literature, Philosophy, and Religious Studies areas. How do those departments rate? Miami seems to be creeping ever higher on my list.</p>

<p>I don't know... but a friend of mine who is there for premed type studies says they are pretty science/med oriented.</p>

<p>Rugg's recommendations of the colleges lists the following as strong programs at U of Miami: Architechture, biology, biochem, communications, drama, education, history, music, pre-med/pre-dental. Doesn't mean the other programs aren't good as well - these are just the ones listed as particularly strong.</p>

<p>Hey all!
IM applying there for the Architecture program. I just hope i can afford it. It's very expensive, but i think it's worth it because the campus is so beautiful and the atmosphere is nice. Wish Me luck!</p>

<p>Football is always a strong academic program at UM. :D</p>

<p>Architecture, biology and music are particularly good there.</p>