Strongest school for linguistics & international relations? Should I really double major?

Hi, I’m majoring in linguistics and international relations and I was wondering which of these schools are strongest in these fields?
UCSD- international relations- linguistics (1 major), hoping for Eleanor Roosevelt
UC Davis- double major
UCR- double major
SDSU (honors college??)- double major
CSUN- double major
NAU- international affairs, pursue linguistics cert

I know UCSD and UCD are very strong in STEM and SDSU is known for business and criminal justice. I appreciate that UCSD has a highly specific major for me, but I wonder if their STEM department overshadows everything else. Heard Davis has a small linguistics dept and I don’t really know anything about the other schools. Anyone who is knowledgeable about the departments at these schools or who has studied in them, please share!!

I am super passionate about both of these things and I want to go into political or international law. I am considering minoring in linguistics but I am really into it and I enjoy learning about language structure. I don’t want to let go of either but I also want to graduate in 3 or 4 years without going broke. I plan to work and pursue internships as well. Am I crazy for wanting to double major or does this sound like a feasible plan? The main overlap between them is that they both require study of a language. Btw I am thinking about going to paralegal school during soph or junior year of college at a cc and getting a cert so I can work in the legal field right after graduation, plus I’ll have my double major. Thoughts???

Best undergraduate linguistics dep’t in the country is UMass Amherst (and if you’re qualified, you’ll get OOS 16K/yr merit scholarship). But if you’re thinking of IR and ultimately political or international law, then you want Harvard. Very strong in linguistics and international law/politics - although both of these things there are really happening at the graduate level, more so than at the undergraduate level.

thanks for the input, but I already applied and I am going to one of these schools. I was asking which one out of my selected schools are the strongest in these fields. Masachussetts is too cold for me haha

UCSD has a strong reputation in IR, not sure about linguistics.

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With the possible exception of UCSC, UCSD has the strongest linguistics program among the UCs and CSUs after Berkeley and UCLA. It’s your best option for IR as well.

You do not need paralegal school to become a paralegal. Save your money and focus on your studies at college. If you are good at research, write well, are well organized, and are “aware” of what’s going on-- read daily newspapers, keep up with current events and politics, etc. you can get a job as a paralegal.