Structure of academics?

<p>Ok, so I am a little bit confused about the structure of academics and what required (core) classes I have to take as a freshman. </p>

<p>I'm in college of engineering. </p>

<p>Do both Engineering and LAC have the same core classes? How many credits do these classes take up from the total credits (average) that you have to get as a freshman? </p>

<p>Is there an option such as Pass/Fail, like in other schools? </p>

<p>I saw somewhere sth like 0.5 credits or 1 credit per class. Is the credit system different at tufts? (I mean, most schools have 3 or 4 credits per class, depending on the course of course(<--haha), and you have to take 17 or 18 credits per semester. How does this work at Tufts?</p>

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<p>Each Tufts class is worth one credit, generally speaking. Some low-intensity courses are a half credit, and a very small number of high intensity courses (usually involving a lab) are 1.5 credits (most students will never take or even see a 1.5 credit class). A minimum of 3 credits is required to be considered a full-time student. Liberal Arts students need 34 credits to graduate, which amounts to 4 classes for 6 semesters and 5 classes for 2 semesters.</p>

<p>Engineering and Arts & Sciences definitely do not have the same courses. Far from it, actually. LA students have a huge amount of freedom about what they take, with an absolute maximum of 18 required courses (most students will come in with AP tests and IB tests that will reduce their required courses to 10 or 12). Engineering students not only require more credits total for graduation, but their programs are far stricter, and allows time for only a few electives. Requirements differ from major to major, but you can find program descriptions by following the links on this</a> site.</p>

<p>About our credit system, 1 Tufts Credit ~ 4 semester hours at another school. A 4 credit semester is about 16 credits at another school and max liberal arts 5.5 credits is 22 credits. Also for engineering some of the introductory courses are 0.5 credits, but in LA would have been full credit courses. A 1.5 credit course is something like Chemistry 11 or 12 ("honors" level general chemistry), or organic chemistry + lab (which is different from other science intro courses that are usually 1 credit, even with lab, e.g. the lab and course together are very intense).</p>