structure of Calculus 3 classes

<p>The Calc 1 and Calc 2 classes all seem to follow a 3 days a week lecture and 1 smaller discussion a week format. Some of the Calc 3s are 4 days all in the same room. Is this:</p>

<p>A smaller class that meets 4 times a week with a prof
A smaller class 4 times a week w/ TA
A larger lecture 4x a week with no discussion
A larger lecture 3x a week with a big discussion section w/ TA</p>

<p>some of the rooms are Little 0233, Little 0235, Matherly 0116 if anyone is familiar with the size of these rooms.</p>

<p>If they are smaller classes w/ a prof I would like to take these for sure.</p>

<p>they are smaller classes with 1 teacher, usually a grad student. the best math teacher i've had was in one of these though. he told me he was graduating, but i still see him around so maybe you'll get him too.</p>