Struggling between Middlebury and Wellesley

<p>Hey there. Recently I've been trying to decide which school should I apply early. I was finally down to 2 schools : Middlebury and Wellesley. To tell the truth, I know their difference, and I love both of them -- I'll be the luckiest person in the world if I were accpeted by any of the two.</p>

<p>So... I really want to hear some views: will a person like me feel happy and comfortable in Middlebury (or Welleley)? Early Decision is quite a big step to take. Here's a simple profile:</p>

<p>international student, female(duh), heterosexual(with absolutely no discrimination against any sexual preferences), decent academics; student councilor in high school;
haven't decided about major, want to try everything before making that decision;
personality: hardworking, kinda gentle, but I really want to become a more outspoken person</p>

<p>Can I find a place and make real friends in Middlebury? or is Wellesley a better fit for me?</p>

<p>It is really hard to tell from what you have explained. One of the virtues of an all girl school is supposed to be that it is easier to speak up in class but because Middlebury has many small classes with fabulous professors, it is also a great place to become more comfortable speaking up. Unless you are someone who has been very interested in women's college and is quite certain about wanting one, a co-ed school seems a safer bet if the academics are equal (which, in Middlebury's case, they are) because you just might find that the social life and even extracurricular life in a women's school is not what you hoped for at college. If you're not sure, maybe don't apply early. I think Wellesley has an early interest thing you can apply for in January through which they let you know in February if you are very likely to be accepted. No commitment. You could apply for that and regular to Middlebury.</p>

<p>I got into both and chose Midd!</p>

<p>Both are highly selective, so I assume you have several other fallback choices.</p>