Struggling to choose between MICA, Pratt and VCUarts

Hello everyone! I’m having a really hard time deciding between VCUarts, MICA, and Pratt. I was offered merit scholarships from all three which makes the cost of attendance almost the same for all of them.

I applied for illustration or communication arts. If I do attend Pratt, I would go to the satellite campus in upstate New York (Pratt MWP) since Pratt Institute did not offer enough money! However, I really dislike the location, and I’m not sure if I’d want to spend two years there, especially because of the weather, and commute to the airport (I live outside the US). I really like how VCUarts is a big university so I’d have more food options, and meet a lot of different people. MICA offered me 18k with an additional grant, and more competitive scholarships will come out in April. My main concern with MICA is the safety in Baltimore. I know that all big cities are dangerous, and there is something called a MICA Bubble but it is something I worry about.

I liked the students and faculty, and the overall vibe of all of them which is why your girl is hardcore struggling. However, I want to make up my mind soon so I can get the housing I want. I’ve heard a lot of people want to get into GRC for housing at VCU!

I would suggest MICA, fantastic illustration program and a more “campus feeling” than art schools in the cities. Also, it seems to have the opportunity to take classes and get involved in Johns Hopkins U, which is a top institution. Wherever u ended up at, I wish you all the best! Baltimore is not safe, yes, but there is safe places in Baltimore and if u stay at school, u will be fine.

Pratt MWP seems like a great opportunity for a focused foundational experience, which would be furthered by the broader and more advanced offerings at Pratt’s renowned main campus. This combination of environments, provided it would be affordable, could represent a very nice opportunity for the right student.