Stuck between 2

<p>Hi there, I need help deciding which university is better between Villanova and Bentley University for studying business. As I was accepted into both but am not sure which one to choose to attend. Your help would be greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>They are both relatively similar in academic quality for business. Your decision will end up coming down to subjective preferences.</p>

<p>^LOL no. villanova is definitely better. which one is cheaper? by how much?</p>

<p>In business? You evidently have little knowledge of Bentley, a business-dominated college. Both have regional prestige in their respective markets, though Villanova might have a slight edge in the New York market. Nevertheless, the OPs decision should come down to “fit” reasons, because both are strong business programs. To choose one solely on the fact that one is slightly more prestigious / higher ranked is foolish at best.</p>

<p>Villanova is better because it has recently moved up higher on the list for businessweek’s undgraduate business program rankings.
Bentley is also good because it has a strong focus on business as well as it being located near Boston for internship opportunities.</p>

<p>villanova has more national prestige. go anywhere out of the northeast and nobody has heard of bentley.</p>

<p>And Villanova, outside the mid-Atlantic / Northeast, is largely known as a basketball school. Being from Ohio, only about 7 hours from Philly, no one really knows Villanova as being a obviously prestigious institution. Thus, name recognition doesn’t really play much of a factor here.</p>

<p>I’ve never heard of Bentley. I thought it was an automobile.</p>

<p>trizz, you might be the most unintelligent person here i’ve met. do you comprehend what you write? “nova is LARGELY KNOWN as a basketball school”. that is name recognition, whether it is sports or not. BC gained prestige solely based on Doug Flutie and other schools with unexpected success in sports will also see the “Flutie effect”.</p>

<p>Your logic is just as poor as you think my intelligence to be. Just because a school has “name recognition” doesn’t mean it is top tier or academically superior to another school. Northern Iowa University might have received a boost from its string of NCAA Basketball Tourney bids, but it doesn’t mean that it all the sudden has academic prestige. A Boise State accounting major applying fir a Big 4 job in NYC will definitely be asked about his or her school’s football team, but probably nothing else. Back to this case, to say Villanova is a better choice strictly on the line of logic regarding name recognition is stupidity. Like I referenced before, non-superfluous name recognition, contrary to the the Boise State example, for Villanova exists in the northeast. Bentley’s academic following extends in NE. Take your pick.</p>