Stuck between F&M, Muhlenberg, and Lafayette. Help!!?

<p>I was accepted at all three, however I don't qualify for any financial aid. I would be a legacy student at F&M, and Muhlenberg is offering me a $15,000 per year scholarship, however my significant other goes there, which makes me extremely hesitant because it would otherwise be a great fit for what I want from a college experience. I don't know what specific major I'm going to be yet, though I will go into the Pre-Law program at whichever school I end up choosing. I wish I could do everything! My family has left the decision entirely up to me and won't contribute any of their opinions. I'm also worried about how my personality will clash at the schools because I come from a small school in South Jersey so I have a habit of trying to make myself a big fish in a small pond, and I'm a little...offbeat at times.</p>

<p>Offbeat probably plays best at Muhlenberg. Muhlenberg is a very accepting college for all types of students. The theater students and premed students all seem to get along just fine. Muhlenberg also has a very good reputation for getting it's prelaw students into law schools. I would suggest narrowing the list to the top two and visiting on accepted students day and do all the activities and talk with current students, at the end of the day you will know. Best of luck!</p>

<p>Muhlenberg first place
Lafayette is awesome too! (2nd )
F and M is not a bad place either. you will be good at any!</p>

<p>Wait, why is your significant other going to Muhlenberg a bad thing? You want to go to school away from him/her? I would think of it as a good thing, but I'm not you, soo...</p>

<p>Really, all choices are great. Did you go to accepted students days for them?</p>

<p>I'm biased because I'll be going to Muhlenberg next year, but I agree with beenthereanddone. Muhlenberg is great for "offbeat" people. You'd fit in just fine there. I'm not so sure about the rest.</p>