Stuck between minors (English Major)

Well hey there CC, haven’t been here in a while. Sorry, but this will be long.

I’m a senior at UW Seattle majoring in English Lit. I have a complicated relationship with the major. I realize its impracticality, and honestly I dislike looking at the world through critical theory/deconstruction, which the school is heavy on. My decision was based on versatility and frankly, fear of commitment, which is rearing its ugly head once again on my indecision about a minor.

On some level, I realize no one cares. I’m already in a fairly good position (multiple internships, no debt), but am anxious about post-grad possibilities. I have a nagging feeling though that English alone doesn’t provide a good overview of my interests. I’m from a coastal community and have a deep affinity for the coast, plants, rocks… the environment. I’d like my work to focus on nature, maybe more so than on people. I also love to write, am interesting in philosophical/historical reading, and have some background in photography and film (though I’m not interested in going this way academically).

I recently changed my minor from Env. Studies to Political Science, trying to get more of an overview on issues beyond rhetoric, but I feel like I’m missing out on the science aspect I’m interested in (I can’t do calculus though, and don’t like lab work, so any real ‘science’ is probably off the table, but I love being outdoors)

Also, I have considered continuing education, esp. law school (and esp. Environmental Law), but this would be decided later and after careful research/planning. I also wonder if I could be interested in something like landscape architecture.

tldr - senior English major, worrier, INTP/big picture thinker, trying to map out paths in which various minors could help me with future opportunities. Torn between Env. Studies, ESRM, Poli Sci, also open to others.

Are you on track to graduate in 4 years? I wouldn’t start changing or adding new minors now if you have to stay in school longer. Have you looked into MPP programs? Could take an intro microecon course now if that might be an option.
Also, you don’t have to have any minor - instead you could take courses in poli sci, environ, etc, and mention them as your interests in an cover letter for a job or on linkedin.

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Agree, you don’t need a minor. Just take courses you are interested in.

Yes, though I’m planning on graduating in the summer for reasons of staying enrolled to do another (remote) internship.

I realize you’re both right. It’s just my mindset. Throughout college I’ve always taken courses for a specific reason. It’s almost as if I’ve framed complete electives in my mind as a waste of resources. Thanks for your input @CheddarCheeseMN and @happy1

Take environmental related courses in all departments as well as political science, economics…