Stuck between told NMSF and Paperwork

Hi All, our high school hasn’t been helpful with the next step in the NM process. Our son was told he’s a NMSF, but hasn’t received anything from the school or mail on what’s the next step. How will he receive those directions? Also, when is the deadline to submit the NMF application?


Google the NMSF 2022. All the requirements are on there. Seems like there is an on-line form to be filled out and then the rest is up to the school. Oct. 5 is first deadline. Need SAT or ACT scores by Dec. (all the dates and deadlines are also on-line)

Submit the completed application to your high school official as soon as possible using NMSC’s Online Scholarship
Application (OSA). The school official will complete the school’s sections of the application for final transmittal to
NMSC by October 5, 2022.
7. Take the SAT or ACT and earn scores that confirm your 2021 PSAT/NM

@LookAtMyShoes who told your son he was NMSF, if the school hasn’t?
College Board should notify the colleges he sent his scores to, about NMSF status; verify that with the admissions of the schools he’s applied to.

Thanks, however, to get started at the NMSC’s Online Scholarship
Application (OSA) the student needs a temporary username and password. How does he get that?

From a reddit thread:
“ur principal is supposed to get a letter from nms, and then ur supposed to receive the letter. ur temporary username and password should be on that letter, and any additional information u need should be found in the application portal”

If your school doesn’t have many NMSF then a counselor might not even know where to look or understand the deadline importance. Talk to guidance and see if they’ve overlooked it.
It is suggested to call NMSF directly to get a duplicate letter.

There is an essay requirement (some use their common app essay). And I think a teacher recommendation.

My son was NMSF but I don’t think we ever recieved a personal letter. So don’t wait for one.

But get on this immediately. Many students in the past have fallen through the cracks because of their school counselors. The school counselor obviously has the letter or they wouldn’t have informed your son–they probably didn’t pass on the log in info.

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You can only get that from your child’s school. We had to chase and chase last year. I don’t believe the October 5th deadline can be extended so do follow up with their school asap.

If I remember correctly, there was also a requirement for the school principal to sign the NMF application (it’s been a few years).

@LookAtMyShoes I will also add my voice to the those who are saying to get on it. Schedule a meeting with your kid’s GC ASAP, and light a fire under them.

Most NMSFs advance to Finalist (more than 90% - roughly 15,000 of the roughly 16,000 semi-finalists), with the few that don’t either having academic or disciplinary issues, not having a confirming SAT/ACT score (very rare), or simply not applying. So the important thing is to make sure that the application is in order and submitted.

Your not alone. This post led me to contact my son’s guidance counselor today and if I don’t recieve a response by tomorrow the principal.

Our school has NMFs every year so no idea what is going on. The school will be closed Sept. 26 (Rosh Hashanah) and Oct 5 (Yom Kippur). The other 3 kids didn’t even know there was an application process.

Luckily this son has written several essays he can alter for this, however when my 1st son was a NMF in 2013 this would have been a huge disaster. He is on the autism spectrum and writing personal essays was very difficult for him at that time. He went to NorthEastern on a full tuition scholarship (times have changed) based on being a NMF - that would never have happened with this short of a turn around time.

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