Stuck in Read Hall!!!!!

<p>I'm hoping to find other people are in the same boat. I'm an incoming freshman and I requested the Northwest neighborhood. I was aware that we couldnt pick a particular building but it was never made known to me that I might get shut out of an entire neighborhood!!! I'm from new york and I've know tht the majority of kids i know are all in the other neighborhood. Read Hall is the furtherest point from northwest and its attached to the music school so it's mainly made up of kids with the arts interests.</p>

<p>Since the second the dorm was posted I've called everyone and every office at IU trying to change but it's like bumping my head against a brick wall!!!!! It's far from m business classes but also from my social scene at night. It will be difficult to get back and forth from the parties etc at night. At orientation the wouldnt help me either. </p>

<p>I'm wondering if there are more of you out there???????</p>

<p>That's where I'm living</p>

<p>Did you fill out the preference form for other LLC's at your orientation? I was told that they are going to review soon.</p>

<p>I thought to try for the Kelly LLC because I intend to major in business and it's located in the area that i want but the waiting list for that one is shut out. I still wanted to hear from other possible people that wanted to live in Northwest but got put in Read without a choice. That way at least I have an idea how many will be there with me. I know Briscoe is renovating a tower so all those "would be" Northwesterns had to go somewhere so far I only know a few at Forest.</p>

<p>Read isn't nearly as nerdy/artsy as it used to be. It's definitely less of a party environment than Northwest, but because of the renovations in Briscoe, a lot of would-be NWers get bumped to Southeast like you. You'll be totally fine.</p>

<p>Several things:</p>

<p>1) RPS isn't going to change your housing right now, so you should just give up while you're ahead.
2) There are always people who get Read when they requested NW, so you're not going to be completely surrounded by antisocial people.
3) Getting to/from parties should be the least of your concerns. There's always the night owl and if you go to frats you can get a pledge ride.
4) It's really not that far of a walk from the b-school, and you're going to have classes in other buildings that are actually closer to your dorm.
5) The world isn't ending because you didn't get your top choice dorm. Embrace it and deal with it.</p>

<p>Read is definitely not the furthest point from the Business School or from the NW neighborhood. </p>

<p>Instead of feeding into the NYer/East coast cliches that exist at IU, perhaps view this as an opportunity to expand your horizons. That is, after all, an important part of the college experience in my opinion. </p>

<p>Read also has a nice dining hall which you will come to appreciate. Maybe your NW friends will enjoy a trip over for lunch or dinner. They can use their meal points at any of the dining halls.</p>

<p>Me and my roommate are in the same boat as you, I'm sure well party it up a bit ha.. Me and him are planning on partying at the frats and going to bars and stuff too so it should work out</p>

<p>Me and my roommate are in the same boat as you, I'm sure well party it up a bit ha</p>

<p>My friend got placed into Forest but he sent in an application for the Briscoe Living Learning Center or something 3-4 weeks ago. At orientation they confirmed the transition and now he's living in Briscoe this year. I'm not positive if this can still work but it might be worth a shot if you really "need" to get into NW.</p>

<p>This really upsets me abou the LLc. I tried that route but I was shut out of that too. I have been calling the rps since the second they posted room assignments, for whatever reason I absolutly never got the right answers which is awful because I am seeing that if I had the right info I could have switched!!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>Same thing happened to my roommate and me; trying for Central, though. Read will be pretty chill, I think. It seems like everyone who tried for another neighborhood and didn't get it got dumped in Read. I've yet to find someone in Read who actually applied for it.</p>

<p>I requested central and got put into read, and I know 3 other girls from my school who requested NW and are in read too. All of us love to party, so there are plenty of people in your situation. I'm from Indiana, so I know a LOT of people going to IU and also upperclassmen who've gone through living in the dorms, and everyone says pretty much the same thing- it'll be okay. Read is really close to a lot of the frats, and to get to appartment/house parties you take the bus most of the time anyway. So unless you were planning on holding yourself up in your dorm and only drinking there, you're no worse off. If anything, you'll have a quieter, nicer dorm for when you actually want to sleep.</p>