Stuck on writing essays!


I’m having a tough time writing my school admissions essays. has anyone used online writing tools for help? would love some inspiration …

Just start writing - about anything. Brainstorm and let it flow out of you. Don’t concern yourself with grammar or structure. Just get ideas out. Then you can see what’s worth building and go from there.

Definitely use spellcheck, and college confidential and lots of other online sources have great tips. I recommend a podcast “inside college admissions”, some episodes talked about essays, it’s pretty helpful.
Here are some general tips- If it’s a common app essay or an essay that is personal, think about the defining moments in your life, your values, and what makes you, you. These essays are a chance to humanize yourself. Don’t be afraid of being too personal. Make sure you make the essay positive, especially if you experienced difficult things or talk about a challenge you’ve faced.
If it’s a “why school” essay, make sure to cater the essay to the specific school, name-drop programs/teachers specific to that school and relate to school to your background and passion.