Stuck with LSAT

Hi everyone,

I don’t know what to do! I took my first diagnostic for the LSAT three months ago, and received a 157. Ever since then, I’ve been studying on average two hours a day every day for the upcoming February LSAT. I’ve been using the LSAT Trainer, and have kept a really in-depth, thick journal. But today I took a practice LSAT, and scored a 159. Two point increase after three months of studying, and my LSAT is next month. I’ve been practicing to get over a 170. I feel stuck. Untimed, I can pull a 175. Timed, I’m doing just as I was three months ago.

Does anybody have any recommendation for ways I could change my studying? Has this happened to anybody else before? Should I just take practice exams over and over again, while learning from all my mistakes? Is there any way I can be ready in a month?


I took a Kaplan class and that helped tremendously. I studied for months, all day.