student account problems?

<p>Is anybody having problems with their student account? I recently received notification that I had a $400 payment overdue from like six months ago, which was completely untrue. I called about it and they could not tell me what the charge was from. Then, even better, I received a check in the mail for exactly the amount they claimed I owed. I deposited the check and paid the bill. Now I have just received another refund check, for money that I actually do owe-- they sent me my loan disbursement instead of keeping it for the balance I owed. The university doesn't know why the money was sent back to me in the first place, and has no explanation for what that $400 charge was or why they sent me a refund for something they were claiming I owed. I don't really know what to do, they are just shrugging their shoulders at me but they are making some major errors here that could really cost me. Is anyone else having issues?</p>