Student Aid Report

<p>I submitted my FAFSA on 1/1 and put that my mother "will file" her taxes. On 1/3 I received a link to my Student Aid Report. A few days ago I went in and corrected my FAFSA with the correct numbers and put that my mother "has filed" her taxes. I haven't received a link to my student aid report. Will I be emailed a link to my corrected student aid report? Sorry if this is a stupid question, it's my first time filing a FAFSA so I'm not completely sure as to how the process works. Thanks!</p>

<p>^ just a side question; if you weren't chosen for verification when you said "will file" and then go back and make corrections and change it to "already completed," could it still be chosen for verification, like after you change it?</p>

<p>After you corrected the numbers on 1/3, did you actually submit the changes? Many students correct things but never complete the process to submit the changes. You would have had to add your PIN and your parent PIN when you submitted the changes. Go back to your FAFSA and see if your changes are there. If they are, does it say that you have made changes that are not yet processed/submitted? If so, finish submitting the changes.</p>

<p>The more you go in and make changes to your FAFSA, the more you increase the likelihood you will be selected for verification (it's probability, at the very least). It is nothing to worry about, though, if you are selected.</p>

<p>Yes, I submitted it and had to "sign" it with both my PIN and my mom's PIN. It just worries me that I haven't received a corrected student aid report.</p>

<p>You can go into the FAFSA to see if it was processed. You should be able to see the initial date it was processed, as well as the most recent date of processing. If you are still worried, call the FAFSA help line. They can look it up & see if your change processed.</p>