Student aid report

<p>Hey guys,</p>

<p>I got an email a while ago saying that the student aid reports are already out but I don't see it anywhere on fasfa. My fasfa was processed by 1/30 so shouldn't I be able to access the sar?

<p>If your FAFSA was processed (and it should have been by now), you should have rec'd an email directing you to view your SAR. Log back in to the FAFSA on the Web (Home</a> - FAFSA on the Web-Federal Student Aid) and see if there is a completed FAFSA for you to view. It should come up after you enter your personal info (name, dob,ssn).</p>

<p>sk8rmom, is the completed fafsa that we view online the same as the SAR that we would receive thru email or mail? thanks</p>