Student Body President - what's it worth?

<p>I'm Student Body President of my high school... it's a fairly intense role that keeps me on my toes, and I may touch on it in an essay. </p>

<p>Is such a position impressive in the college admissions process, or is it so commonplace among high-achieving applicants that it's value is dilluted?</p>


<p>I would think it is highly regarded-only one person gets to be president from a class a year-pretty impressive. Sadly though, I do believe it may be somewhat skewed or unfair to others. Those of us who run for offices but lose to lesser qualified people due to popularity are ..for lack of better words...screwed. By lesser qualified...I mean treasureres who somehow put us in a deficit after a year...presidents who do not contribute to class activities such as float building for homecoming but take credit for it anyway.</p>

<p>No consolation or even anywhere on apps are us "losers" permitted to say we ran but lost...</p>

<p>Anyways-I'm not trying to take anything from you being president...your presence on this message board alone is a pretty good indicator you sincerely care about your position and your job-kudos. </p>

<p>In a nutshell, yes I do believe colleges would be impressed by student body presidents.</p>

<p>Often those positions are just popularity contests in high schools, just like homecoming king. And once elected , people do nothing other then writing it on their college applications. So if it is different in your case, I think you should make an effort to relay that to adcom.</p>

<p>Even if it is a popularity contest, it says quite a lot to be liked by your peers. Bottom line, this is one of the best shows of leadership, which is important at many colleges. Look at is as a tilt factor.</p>